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A beginning, an end, and a still not finished yet…

This morning I had a little play with my stash. Specifically my lace and sock weight stash. I put all my new purchases in the box and took out two stashed DK weights large enough for a jumper. I ended up with this box of delights.


During my reorganisation, I realised I had THIS Mille Colori:


And that the orange in it matched the orange silk/ baby camel yarn I bought from The Knitting Goddess during her recent sale…


IMG_7612.JPG I have two skeins at 600m each, so more than enough to use half creating a lace border on a shawl knitted from the Mille Colori.

This is the ‘beginning’! I’ve placed the yarn and needles in my new project bag:

IMG_7614.JPG my sister gave this to me yesterday! She bought it for my birthday when we were on
Philip Island during our Australian holiday!

The ‘end’ is that I have finished the blue lace shawl, given it a bath in some Eucalan and blocked it out. I’ve pinned the scallops fairly aggressively but left the top edge to gently pull into a crescent shape.


I did another eight rows on Hitchhiker today. That’s the ‘still not finished yet’. The Schoppelwolle was about to go blue, pink, blue again, so I wound on so it’ll go green next. I only have another 8 points to go so I wanted a little balance in the project!



So happy we have another day off tomorrow!


9 thoughts on “A beginning, an end, and a still not finished yet…

  1. oooh, your yarn stash looks lovely – so bright and colorful. that shawl will be amazing! And the blue one is so pretty, I just love it. Hitchikers sure do slow down as you go, don’ t they? I think yours is going to be so pretty and soft, though, when you get it done.


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