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Mille Colori

I know I should be sticking with Hitchhiker or one of my many other projects… But look at this!


Because the colours are what make this yarn so delightful, I decided I would knit a simple stocking stitch shawl, on 5mm needles to keep it very light and lacy, with rows of yarn overs every 16 rows for interest. Making the pattern up from my head!!! I like how it is so far!


Mollie wasn’t massively impressed when the yarn rolled off the sofa onto her head!

IMG_7626.JPG πŸ˜„

10 thoughts on “Mille Colori

  1. Very pretty. Isn’t it wonderful when a project just rolls off the needles smoothly. If that had been Yarn Rascal head the yarn bopped on instead of the well behaved Mollie’s, the yarn would have been toast.


  2. Hello Claire, how lovely to see you on my blog! I followed you right back and see we have the lovely Phil in common – she’s my favourite Brit [but don’t tell her I said that]. Your blue and white shawl caught my eye as I scrolled down – my favourite colours, but all your colours are delicious – I hall enjoy getting to know you! πŸ™‚


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