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A bit of creative enabling

Last week I gave my work colleague Caz two balls of Rowan Kid Classic in a deep berry colour, my favourite pair of 5.5mm bamboo needles and a copy of Mary the Knitter’s Lace Leaves pattern. (The pattern I used for the Katia Jaipur shawl for my niece, this one in Rowan fine lace , this one in Noro Sekku and Kidsilk Haze and this one in Rowan Felted Tweed.)

I knew she could knit and she had said she really wanted something creative to do, so I decided to surprise her with a ready to go project.

She was delighted, took it home that evening and set to with gusto. Next day, after a false start, I showed her how to work with a lifeline in lace! By last Friday she was flying and when we discussed how we kept track of the pattern, I was fascinated that she saw a completely different pattern in the stitches to me.

She worked hard on it and yesterday she gave me her finished shawlette to block:



We then went to our LYS and bought her some Sirdar Wool Rich Aran in a gorgeous silver grey colour for her to knit another… And a turquoise one is planned! I don’t think she’s due to become an obsessive like me – she cares too much about her garden and likes reading too much – but it’s nice to help someone be creative. 😊

13 thoughts on “A bit of creative enabling

  1. How beautiful and what a lovely colour. I look forward to seeding your colleagues’ silver grey shawlette. She sounds an awful lot like me though, in terms of gardening and books before knitting etc 🙂

    With such a caring, sharing and enabling attitude you’d make a fab’ Prime Ministers wife you know ….. Me! Jump the gun? Never 😉 😀


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