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I’ll be popping in and out

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned in passing, in reply to a comment on another post, that I was considering standing in a County Council by-election. In the end I decided not to as I already have significant commitments that are filling my time up and I can’t bear to not do everything properly. So D put his hat in the ring, was selected by the members and has, for the last week, been campaigning hard every minute he isn’t working, sleeping or eating! However being married to the candidate and being a party activist, I’m extremely involved anyway (as much as other commitments will allow). I’m not going to bore you with the ins and outs of it but suffice to say there won’t be a lot of knitting time until September 25th. Or housework (less important)!

But I am making slow progress with my Mille Colori shawl:


Mollie is taking the election in her calm stride. More walks are good, more people in the house eating means more potential titbits. However a busy Mum means less attention…

IMG_1132.JPG She has my attention with her paws that close to my wool!

10 thoughts on “I’ll be popping in and out

  1. Good wishes to both of you! Just love that yarn you are using – I have never seen it here, but must look to see if we have something similar in vibrancy. And clever Mollie, that will certainly get your attention!


  2. Yeah for D! Hope he wins. Mollie, as all good dogs do, is holding the yarn for ransom, I see. Good Girl, Mollie. You and Yarn Rascal could make a wonderful duo.


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