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Quick update

I bought some yarn… I saw this in my LYS and thought it would make a sweet cardy for little granddaughter E. I don’t, as it happens, have anything like this in the stash so I’m pleased.


I blocked Caz’s shawl. Hasn’t it turned out fab?!


D had his photo taken with Mollie for his leaflets!

IMG_3037.JPG I was offering her a TicTac as an inducement to look at me. Clearly it wasn’t enough of an inducement….

And finally, I’m sitting in bed knitting and about to finish the first ball of Mille Colori!


12 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. I love the yarn, it is so arty and modern! Will make a real statement when worn.
    Poor Mollie, she does not look to happy, or maybe she was just tired. At least she sits still long enough, mine I can only catch when she is sleeping. 🙂
    Happy knitting.


  2. Loving the yarn and all the progress on the knitting front, Mollie sure has cornered the market in the woe is me expression …no doubt as soon as the camera had been turned off she had an expression to die for LOL


  3. Adriafil Knitcol is utterly wonderful yarn. I enjoy. I’ve inflicted umpteen jumpers on the toddler twinnage knitted in its various colourways. And your shawl is beautiful – really delicate and gorgeous.


  4. Based on the photo alone I would vote for him! Miles better than a smarmy smile in a smarmy suit. And immediately winning over all dog lovers too! As his campaign manager I can see you’ve given this a lot of thought. 😉


    • Haha! He does look nice in a suit but for this election apparently all he owns is check shirts! I am not actually his campaign manager but I do want a picture of him with Mollie for exactly the reason you gave 😉


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