A new CAL

Today I woke up feeling terrible, picked up my phone to text my colleague and say I wouldn’t be in, to discover she had sent me a text saying the same thing.  We both have the same lurgy – sore throat, headache, cold symptoms.  I’ve spent most of the day sleeping or lying on the sofa listening to an audio book.  Just earlier I roused myself enough to read the blogs I follow.  I always start with my WordPress reader and then go to my Bloglovin app and read the ones I follow there. 

One of my favourite blogs on Bloglovin is A Creative Being, who does fabulous crochet – and today she announced a new CAL in conjunction with Scheepjeswol starting on October 3rd!   Scheepjes Blanket CAL 2014!  Quite apart from the fact that I just love the word Scheepjes (I’m sure it isn’t said like ‘sheepies’ but that’s how it sounds in my head), some of you will remember I absolutely loved Hannah from Not Your Average Crochet’s blanket CAL last year (pattern here) and have been dying to do another blanket CAL. This one runs from October to the week before Christmas and I should have a large single person size blanket at the end of it. Details can be found here.  It’s sponsored by the wool company Scheepjeswol and Deramores have put together a pack of the yarn!  I had to sign up after I saw this photo of the yarn we’ll be using!


So despite feeling terrible there has been a bright spot in the day!

18 thoughts on “A new CAL

  1. Oh, those colors are beautiful. I can’t believe you are doing a blanket again, after last summer! I hope it is a pattern that goes faster for you. 🙂

    Yarn will make anyone feel better, I hope it works on you!


    1. Haha! But it now comes in another colourway which is more me (orange etc) but I’m going to push my colour boundaries and stick with this one! Are you tempted?! It’d make a fab present for a daughter 😉😉😉😉 and it would be fun to do it with a bloggy friend. I’m not sure who mine is for – possibly even me! Our bedroom when we decorate will be lavender. X


  2. Hope you feel better. The colors are gorgeous. I’m eager to see how it comes together. You’re a brave crocheter undertaking another blanket so soon.


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