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FO: Mille Colori shawl

I just finished casting off! At the end I had about 1600 stitches on the frill so it’s taken quite a while. Luckily this doesn’t need blocking:it’s the right shape, it’s large enough and if I say so myself, it’s gorgeous!





26 thoughts on “FO: Mille Colori shawl

    • It took two and a half weeks. Actually I’m stunned by that – but then I was so into it I just kept going. It’s one of my sister’s Christmas gifts. She loved a shawl I made myself in Noro Sekku and Kidsilk haze which has similar stripey colouring – not so pink – but I thought something lighter would be more user friendly. Actually I think I may have to block the body gently. I’ll have to wait til this by election is over and I have tidied up the back bedroom as I’ll need a lot of floor space!


  1. Absolutely beautiful! And it only took you two weeks. I really wish I had the talent to knit more quickly and have my stitches come out so nice as yours.


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