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An ideal Saturday

The problem with being unwell is you don’t really actually get anything done. In a normal way if four days off work staying at home were in the offing I would plan a lot of things, including plenty of knitting. And while I did cast off the frill on the Mille Colori shawl, I haven’t actually done very much in the way of knitting or crochet.

Last night I played around with the Adriafil Knitcol I bought a week or so ago to see if I could fashion a little cardigan for D’s granddaughter. I’m fine with the pattern but I’m not crazy about the way the yarn pools so I’ve frogged it.

This is my craft pile that was awaiting me this morning!


And when the post came, I received my newest copy of Inside Crochet and a 16 episode box set of Campion. I never watched them when they came out 25 years ago, but recently I have been reading Margery Allingham’s Campion novels in chronological order and I just love them. I’m a big fan of the women mystery writers who we’re writing between the wars. I think Allingham may just be my favourite. Anyway on Thursday I discovered that 8 of the novels had been made into 16 hour long episodes (2 episodes per book) starring Peter Davison. I bought it on Amazon and it arrived this morning! I knew what I’d be doing today!


I also made myself a promise I’d finish Hitchhiker today. And if I do, I get to cast on this cardigan for my Mum! The yarn is Sirdar Ella.


So I’ve been watching Campion and working on Hitchhiker!


Nearly done!

18 thoughts on “An ideal Saturday

  1. I’ve never heard of Campion – so must check that out, I don’t watch TV but enjoy to watch DVD collections of good series. I actually quite liked the way the yarn came out in the baby cardie, I don’t mind the random colour changes look – but I see you frogged [I never heard that expressiopn before] it any way! And I love the yarn you are using for your mum’s top – also the pattern. You may have been unwell, but you have still managed to achieve a lot!!


    • You know when you just aren’t happy with something – that’s how I felt about the cardigan. It just wasn’t right and although the wool wasn’t super expensive (£10 for two balls), I’d rather do it justice with another pattern.
      I love the yarn for Mum’s cardigan too but it’s very splitty! Knitting the cast on stitches wasn’t fun 😦 but I’ve done a little of the ribbing. I also LOVE this pattern. As soon as I saw it I knew I needed to knit it! I really like a Sirdar patterns. They aren’t especially complicated but they are extremely (in my opinion) well written and tech-edited.
      I actually haven’t done that much – I’ve finished off two projects which were just about complete. Cheating really!
      And as for Campion, if you like period mystery dramas then I think you’d like this. The stories are naturally much lighter than the original novels – but nevertheless enjoyable. I’m not a great TV watcher either and I rarely watch DVDs (put it this way, I had to figure out how the DVD player worked, which means I haven’t used it in the 18 months we’ve had the TV!). I’m an audiobook fan. I love being read to! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!


    • I hope so but think it’s all dropped onto my chest which is miserable. When I read the patter yesterday I discovered that the back is entirely stocking stitch. Argh! But having just done quite a lot of stocking stitch on the Mille Colori shawl I find I’m facing it with equanimity!! I’m 6 rows into the ribbing. Lol


      • Sorry to hear about the cold – chest colds are so tough to get rid of. Can you take a few more days off and cater to your body?

        Stockinette is dreadful sometimes, but other times, it is just what teh doctor ordered – mindless, good knitting for watching TV or when you don;t really feel well enough to deal with complicated patterns.


      • I think I need to go back to work. See how I feel. I’m alternating between stocking stitch on the green jumper and crochet – my secret project. I’ll send you an email about it this week!


      • having a project to alternate with makes it more bearable, As for work, just make sure you listen to yourself and head home if you get tired…rest really does matter.


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