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I’m reblogging this because if you don’t follow Lucie and you like all round brilliant craftiness then you should, but also because she’s nominated me to carry on the blog hop, which I’ll be working on! I admire Lucie because her blog posts and projects convey to me calmness, glamour, stylishness and an eye for detail all of which are wildly divergent from how I operate (never knowingly done neutral). A case of opposites attract maybe?! Anyway, she’s also an all rounder and can sew too which I envy!

Love, Lucie

Have you seen the recent blog hop doing the rounds? I been reading many of them popping up on my reader and finding out a little more about what makes each other tick.
Some of us have been following each other for well over a year and I know we’d like to think we know a little about each other. It’s difficult not to let what goes on in our daily lives spill over into our blog. And in my opinion, so it should.

Wedding daze Wedding daze

But there are more recent readers who might like filling in with a little ‘back story’.

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