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Ella cardigan

I promised myself that when I had finished Hitchhiker I could cast on this:


And this is how far I’ve got:


I’ve also had to frog and restart my secret crochet project because I’d done it wrong – argh!

And in real life, as well as work and the all-consuming by-election, the school where I’m Chair of Governors has Ofsted today & tomorrow…… (For those of you not in the UK, this is the national school inspection service.). The school is given notice they are coming the day before! I had missed my mock interview with the school’s improvement partner last week when I was ill, but luckily he was free yesterday evening, when he gave me a coached interview. I was so pleased I had done that work as I felt so much more prepared when I was interviewed today. Although governors are unpaid volunteers, the quality of governance is a significant part of the Ofsted inspection. Since the last inspection the Ofsted criteria have changed; under the previous criteria we were Good and had the system not changed, I believe this time could have expected Excellent. However it has changed, the bar has been significantly raised and while Outstanding would be wonderful, Good would also be ok! (For the curious, the other categories are Requires Improvement and Inadequate.) Tomorrow’s meetings in London are cancelled; I am due to be in school for feedback at 4pm.

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