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A weekend in Kent and more

Last Thursday was the council by-election I’ve been working on and consequently not knitting, crocheting or blogging! My husband was the candidate and despite working his very hardest unfortunately came second. You can’t be involved in politics without being extremely philosophical so although he is understandably disappointed, life goes on. And indeed it did as my sister and I left on Friday afternoon to visit our Dad, whose birthday it was, in Kent, some four hours away.This is the first time we’ve gone away together, just the two of us, since she had her children and it was really good fun. Mollie came too…


When we arrived at Dad’s, the birthday boy was wearing this hilarious T-shirt, a gift from our stepmother for his birthday:


IMG_7980.JPG Blue is their whippet lurcher!

Next morning we hit the beach with the dogs. The weather was glorious, not very sunny but very warm.













Gayle and I observed, as we were getting ready to go out for lunch, how unalike we are!


We went to Margate for lunch and ate at this amazing Indian French fusion restaurant called The Ambrette. Afterwards we walked round the old town, which has, like many British town centres been regenerated in recent years. We came across this amazing shop called Alice and the Button:



As the name would suggest, it does sell buttons, but not just loose. Many things in this shop were decorated with buttons! Hairbrushes, notebooks, jewellery etc. There were also gorgeous scarves, fabric, oh many things. We loved it!





IMG_8014.JPG Very much recommended if you’re in Margate. Purchases were made in this and other shops…


9 thoughts on “A weekend in Kent and more

  1. A happy dance for that shop Claire – it looks like hours of fun! It wasn’t there when I was last in Margate – nothing much was! But that might be because I was last in Margate 23 years ago! πŸ™‚ Your family photos are lovely and that last one of the two sisters – just beautiful!

    Sorry about the election results for you – back to the knitting and crochet! πŸ™‚


  2. Claire – looks like a fun way to celebrate with your dad – great beach shots, Mollie looks like she had a blast. She is so cute! Button shop looks amazing as well. πŸ™‚

    As I said earlier, I am sorry about the election results, but as you say you have to be philosophical- and keep running! A whole lot of it is name recognition, right?


  3. What a shame about the election but I suppose that means your lives won’t be as hectic as they would have been should he have won??? Fab shop, buttons are my weakness – they really can make an outfit can’t they? Love the T-shirt; do you know where it came from as I would love to get something similar as a present? My sister is only eleven months older than me and we don’t even look like we come from the same planet let alone the same family!!


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