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A little Marmalade…

Today I popped up to my fab LYS Marmalade Yarns for a pair of 5mm needles. While there I bought some Sirdar Wool Aran in the most gorgeous silver grey colour. I want to make a scarf/ shawl for my youngest stepsister (the one who got married in Sydney in April) as a gift for Christmas. She’s a very glamorous young woman who generally wears neutrals so grey is ideal. This will be useful for her when she’s visiting the UK or goes to the mountains in Oz. (I was quite surprised to discover there was snow and skiing in Australia!)

IMG_8021.JPG My friend is making a shawl with this and it is gorgeous. I am seriously busting to cast on…

While there I had a chat with Janet, who runs the crochet courses. While signing up for one in three weeks time I mentioned that I wanted to try and make my Dad a crochet waistcoat, possibly in Noro Kureyon. She suggested the best way to create what I’m trying to achieve! I’m so pleased and grateful to be getting started, so I’m going to make some test squares in this colour way over the next 3 weeks.


IMG_8023.JPGApparently a circle in a square is best, so that’s what I’ll be doing! Check out Janet’s gorgeous blog http://janetfrieldesigns.blogspot.co.uk

My final purchase can be put firmly at the door of The Twisted Yarn who made this book sound so enticing when she blogged about it that I ordered two on Amazon straight away. (The second is a Christmas present.) SHE IS RIGHT!!! I love it – I know I will use this book a lot.

IMG_8024.JPG Buy one! Unless you’re someone I buy Christmas presents for, in which case, best not, just in case I’ve got you one already! 😉

I can’t show you what I’m crocheting as it’s a secret as the recipient is a reader…

13 thoughts on “A little Marmalade…

  1. Oh gosh darn it – now I have to take that book of my wishlist and actually buy it – two votes are all that I need to convince me – but I so want to get the Arne and Carlos [Carlos and Arne?] garden book too…… what’s a girl to do?? Loving that waistcoat yarn!!


  2. I love that you can hop over to get a needle and come out with all this wonderful stuff. I never thought about skiing in Oz, but clearly, she needs some warm things to wear when she does it. 🙂


      • Sometimes I think I would like to live that way – it is a 20 minute drive (18 miles) for me to get to work. There is nothing in the way of shops between me and work, so all shopping means going either past work into one town, or past home into another town. Sometimes it is no big deal, but other times it is a real drag. 🙂 But then there are times when the woods are so peaceful and all you hear is the breeze in the trees and birds chirping, and nothing beats it.


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