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A little bit of everything

Today I…

Finished one square of week 2’s pattern in the Scheepjes CAL:


Worked on my third square of week 1 (I know I’m not going to do 6 a week, I’ll do as many as I can):


Knit 8 rows of my Mum’s Christmas jumper (top priority!):


And just did one little crochet square in Noro because I could!


7 thoughts on “A little bit of everything

  1. OOOOH I love the sparkle in that sweater!!!! Um, I mean, jumper. So special! And of course, I am impressed at the number of squares you ARE getting done, whether or not it is the prescribed number.


    • It’s a bit stupid really, taking part in a CAL just before Christmas. I shall do as many squares as I can fit in and then finish it in the new year. I think I’m going to save it and give it to my Dad for his 70th next September. We’ll see.
      Thanks about the cardy (it’s really a cardigan), the yarn is Sirdar Ella which is a cotton acrylic mix with lurex thread. Mum can’t wear wool so this is perfect. Not expensive either.

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