Life List

Inspired by Martine at iMake I thought I’d post a Life List today, a sort of positive, taking stock of the moment list, which chimes with my mood. You can read her post here – she was inspired by another blogger to do the same thing.

Making : various crocheted and knitted things.
Cooking : my Christmas cake at the weekend.
Drinking : hot blackcurrant & apple squash right now!
Reading: Georgette Heyer The Masqueraders
Wanting: a tidy house
Looking: at places to go for a weekend break with our German friends.
Playing: Temple Run Oz, thanks to my nephew…
Deciding: how much of my Christmas knitting list I can actually achieve!
Wishing: I had more crafting time in my day.
Enjoying: my crochet Noro squares!
Waiting: in trepidation for my endoscopy appointment next week…
Liking: a couple of evenings to myself while my husband is away.
Wondering: what I’ll be doing this time next year.
Loving: Instagram (@mollieclairesomerset), I’m a new convert.
Pondering: how much time to devote to what this evening.
Considering: whether I can get away without doing the washing up tonight.
Watching: Strictly Come Dancing, It Takes Two at 6.30pm tonight.
Hoping: that it will be easy to get a new job when my boss retires next year.
Needing: a new job!
Smelling: wet dog…
Wearing: dress, leggings and flat shoes today and most days!
Following: some pretty nice blogs.
Noticing: a friend is singing in a concert on Saturday and planning to go.
Knowing: I am slightly over optimistic generally.
Thinking: about yarn!
Buying: train tickets.
Getting: prepared for a work trip to London tomorrow.
Mending: my raincoat and a shirt of D’s (on my to do list this evening)
Disliking: the abuse Marinke Slump has received on her CAL Facebook page.
Opening: a bag of crisps…
Feeling: hungry
Snacking: vegetarian bacon flavour crisps (yes, I know)

I changed or deleted a few on the list as they didn’t apply, but this was fun! Next up Blog Hop!

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