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Autumnal weekend

Saturday started with D turning up from work (he works nights) with these simply because I’d sent him a text saying I thought I was coming down with a cold (false alarm)… IMG_8157.JPG


Yesterday morning I was booked into an intermediate crochet class at Marmalade Yarns, my LYS. It was very nice and I loved the Willow pattern square we were given to make (I may use it to make my sister’s 40th birthday blanket) but it didn’t stretch me much, which is fine. I didn’t need stretching. There was crochet, there was yarn and there was cake. What’s not to like? What was more brilliant was talking to the fab Janet Friel, who was teaching the class, about how I could construct the waistcoat for my Dad. She’s drawn me a diagram, approved of the squares I’ve been making and suggested how we create it. So, next step 82 of these!

IMG_8130.JPG I’ve done 33 so far!

I decided on my Noro colour palette while at Marmalade and bought the balls I needed. These are the three I’m using. I have two of the top ones and three of the blues one:

IMG_8187.JPG The edges and button band will be done in the blue colourway.


Saturday afternoon my nephew came over to help me with some gardening jobs and to clean out the rabbit hutch. The rabbits were keen to help!


And of course, there’s always time for a cuddle!

IMG_8163.JPG (Ollie is quite happy there, his ears actually stick out sideways!)

On Friday I was in London where I discovered Paperchase on Paddington station. This is probably NOT a good thing as I bought quite a lot of bits for Christmas but also a 2015 diary and a rainbow paper notebook for myself. I also acquired a ‘list book’! Now I’m an inveterate list maker. Not a weekend goes by without at least one list. This was damaged and given to me because I really wanted one but couldn’t justify buying one for myself. I might have if I hadn’t fallen for the notebook.

Anyway, this list book (the style isn’t massively me, but it was free so I love it) has a pad of paper, a long list sheet that’s actually a sticky note! And various size sticky notes. Look!


So today I enjoyed using my new stationary, writing out my various Christmas lists!

IMG_8185.JPG (complete with crumbs… Argh)

Mum popped round with Lucy…



And I got down to a bit of knitting this afternoon.


And because I’d tidied up I can show you the table with my flowers on. πŸ˜„



11 thoughts on “Autumnal weekend

  1. How wonderfully thoughtful he is to bring you flowers! When I say I might be catching a cold, mine says “don’t you want to go to the food store now before you get worse?”


  2. What a lovely, colourful post! Love the new Noro yarn and List book. And who doesn’t just adore a fresh bunch of flowers to make you smile when you walk in the room:)


  3. Flowers for a cold? I have to buy my own. I can count the bunches of flowers I’ve been given by Mr J on one hand!
    Thankfully, he does have other redeeming qualities.
    I wish I’d paused and crocheted/knitted this weekend. So tired this morning.


  4. List book …………………….OMG I didn’t even realise how much I desperately NEED one, so glad you in the pink health wise ……BUT the list book …. the list book !!!!!!!!!!!!


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