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Things to be positive about

We’ve all been a bit down in my office recently and earlier in the week we gave ourselves a communal talking to and said that every day we had to say one thing that was positive about our day.

I’ve needed to give myself a kick up the backside as I’ve been a bit negative recently due to having a tough time health wise. However today I saw a consultant gastroenterologist; she was amazing, young, vibrant, insisted I called her by her first name, and filled me with confidence that she would either diagnose my problem or rule out the problem being gastrointestinal. That’s something to be positive about.

I’ve paid to go privately as the waiting list was so long for an initial appointment and my condition is affecting my work. I am very conscious that with my boss retiring I do need to get a new job by next May and the idea of job hunting feeling this exhausted is unpalatable. I’m a bit uncomfortable about private medicine as I believe strongly in the NHS, but my positive from that is by paying another person will see a consultant a little bit quicker.

So, I have a colonoscopy coming up either next Monday if they can fit me in, or on November 13th. That the procedure will be done quickly is something to be positive about!

Yarny things to be positive about today:

My friend Sam has a crazy project for us to work on while we’re cooking Christmas cakes this weekend. I can’t say more as it’s his Ta-dah but hopefully I can soon!

I’m not behind on this weeks Scheepjes CAL pattern…

Noro. 😄


10 thoughts on “Things to be positive about

  1. This is inspiring. I’m going to make my second coffee of the morning and find three things to feel positive while I do so…..thank you 🙂
    Sorry to hear about your health problems: A proper diagnosis will do wonders for how you feel, because you will finally be able to manage this thing properly (whatever it is) and deal with it correctly. Good luck with that. And, from what I hear from loads of friends and family, a colonoscopy isn’t half as unpleasant as one would imagine. Although I still have to test that theory out personally.


    • Haha I’m sure it will be fine. I’m not concerned about the procedure, though I am of course a bit concerned about what they’ll find out! It is really heartwarming to acknowledge the positives in your life. X


  2. Hope you will soon feel better. Sometimes I just get a small boost by knowing the process of finding an answer to my ailment has begun. Each day is a step closer to alleviating it. For me, what also helps when I find myself in negative territory, is making a gratitude list. The first few items on the list might be small, such as I am grateful for the sun shine today, but they get bigger and better as I go. For me, it’s refocusing to see the donut and not just the hole.

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  3. Good luck at the doctors! I am glad you have someone nice to help you. I had an undiagnosed “something wrong with me” for two years and I got so sick I had to stop working. I had all sorts of “oscopies” and it turned out I wasn’t explaining my symptoms right. An ultrasound scan revealed I had a golf ball sized gall stone. Do get an ultrasound if everything else fails, as that’s what happened to me. X

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  4. sorry I have gotten behind in reading you – I know that the colonoscopy came out fine and you are moving on to figure it out – I wish you all the best, my friend – I am sure they will figure it out soon.

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