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Several weeks ago the lovely Lucie nominated me to take part in the Blog Hop. I think I was supposed to do it within a week, but it has taken me until now to actually get round to it.

It’s quite simple, answer a few questions and nominate two fellow bloggers to carry the hop onwards.

So, without further ado…

What are you working on at the moment?

A those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know, I often have a ridiculous amount of WIPs going on. However in the run up to Christmas I have refined them…

A knitted cardigan for my Mum in Sirdar Ella. It’s a Christmas present.




A waistcoat in Noro crochet squares for my Dad, also for Christmas.





A star shaped crochet blanket for my adorable godson who is two in a month.



The 2014 Scheepjes CAL!





I have changed the order of the next two questions as it makes sense for my answers.

How does your writing process work?
I think you would describe my style as steam of consciousness tidied up. I don’t plan posts, other than taking photos. I very rarely create a draft and work on it more than once. If I have something to say, I say it, illustrate it with photos and make sure there are no typos or howling grammatical errors. These slip through from time to time but I do try and make sure they aren’t published!

How does your blog differ from others of it’s genre
This is a remarkably hard question to answer. I think honestly I have to say that my posts are probably more slapdash than others I read! I think you can understand a lot about my crafting and my love of the subject in the way I post; equally I imagine it’s only accessible or enjoyable if you like my narrative voice. A lot of the blogs I read are beautifully photographed, carefully written and provide excellent patterns and instructions. I love those blogs and I am so happy they are successful; there are times when I am a bit envious, but that style isn’t me right now! My work and other activities can be very serious and it’s nice to have a space where I can be frivolous or slapdash or have 25 projects on the go at once!

So, onto my nominees to carry on the blog hop.

First up is one of my favourite bloggy friends who is currently on her TWENTY-THIRD pair of socks this year (!!!!!), Salpal from What I’m Up To Today. I love how her posts about her life and crafting are structured around her actual lists of things she has to do and places she has to go. I have come to really want to visit Maine from her posts! One day…

A bit closer to home is the Oxfordshire haunt of The Twisted Yarn, whose incredible, inventive and large crafting feats (yarnbombing her own house springs to mind!) combined with being a parent of toddler twins and working (she has my awed respect for that alone) make up a really fabulous blog that has just celebrated it’s first anniversary.

If you don’t read these blogs, head on over, they are great! And over to you Salpal and Twisted with the Blog Hop. X

9 thoughts on “Blog Hop

  1. Honest, heartfelt, real are just some of the words I’d use to describe your blog. I’m a big fan of the two blogs you nominated.


  2. awww, thanks, Claire! I am behind on my blogging, but will dash and get a blog hop post out this week. Caregiving is done, so I feel lie my time is more my own, and I will settle down into my routines again.

    I do love your projects – just the right amount of color and texture. And I agree with Slipped stitches – your posts are just real and comfortable. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. I’ve learnt of your blog because you were mentioned on Salpals (WhatImUpToToday) blog (who I’m a follower of) … so I’ve hopped over to see you. What a fabulous blog you have. It’s bright, warm and so, so friendly. You have a style of writing which draws the reader in and it feels like being hugged into a family and gently wrapped in the most wonderful hand knitted blanket.

    A truly fabulous place to sit and share a cup of tea/coffee with you. Well done for building such a charming place to sit a while. ~ Cobs. x

    Liked by 1 person

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