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Christmas cakes and crafting

I’ve had one of those wonderful not doing much weekends…. Saturday, my friend Sam and I got together to make our Christmas cakes. This is late for me, I normally have it done by the end of September, but this year we were busy electioneering! I love the mid- make clutter in my kitchen:

IMG_8269.JPG Sam’s cake is the one in the oven.

His cake:


My cake:

They look different don’t they?! They are exactly the same recipe and quantities except his has less currants and more raisins, and I forgot to put the brandy in mine before it was cooked, so I had to feed it when it was cool on Sunday morning. They were cooked on the same temperature for exactly the same amount of time! The only real difference was the tins we used. Mine was an old battered one and his was brand new. Hmmm who knows! My house smelled fantastic all day!

I worked on the back of my Mum’s cardigan and finished it:

IMG_1173.JPG I also cast on the left front.

I did a second square of week 4’s pattern in the Scheepjes CAL…


And I made quite a few squares for Dad’s waistcoat:


IMG_1174.JPG I have 50 squares now – only 32 more, plus blocking, sewing in ends etc etc etc

8 thoughts on “Christmas cakes and crafting

  1. Forgoing all baking delights as I leave for Sydney on Wednesday. Not sure what we’ll do down-under. I don’t like baking in hot temps (been there, done that) and Mr Soknitsome does not eat dried fruit but I’m sure I’ll buy the odd mince pie or two for me πŸ™‚

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