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An interesting few days

I mentioned previously I was due to have a colonoscopy on Monday. The good news is it was completely clear (yay), the bad news that the hunt for the cause of my symptoms goes on (boo). Next up an MRI scan of my small intestine…. As D was working, Mum took me to the appointment and sat and did her knitting while waiting for me. She said the light in the hospital room was perfect to pick up 124 stitches around the neck of a black cardigan she is making for my sister! While I was recovering I did a little crochet. So this photo is knitting & crochet in hospital!


Tuesday I had to be off work and with someone all day because of the drugs I had been given. D, bless him, after a full night shift, took me to my doctor’s appointment at 9.50am and sat in the car while my appointment was an hour late. Then took me to get my prescription. We both slept most of the day – for some reason I haven’t felt at all well. Mum thinks it might be a reaction to the drug, or coincidentally I have a cold or something. Mum also visited with her naughty spangold Lucy, who knows she isn’t allowed on the furniture! She’s sitting on Mum.





In between naps I knit a little on the front of Mum’s Christmas present cardigan (loving the leaf pattern) and finished a CAL square.



And Mollie is being the best companion ever.


22 thoughts on “An interesting few days

  1. I hope they get to the bottom of your symptoms and that you are feeling better soon.

    The leaf pattern on your mums cardigan looks wonderful and fun to knit. I smiled at the thought of you and your mum, working away on your projects whilst waiting in the hospital, instead of having to make do with ancient copies of ‘Hello’ or ‘Take a Break’ to pass the time :).


    • No pun intended Eh?! (To the bottom of your symptoms, in case you wondered what was making me laugh) Hahaha brilliant. They’re working through all the things it might be – ruling out the nasties I think. X


  2. Here’s to a speedy recovery:) It’s great how crochet and knitting help to relax you isn’t it? I love how portable it can be too – I bet the others in the waiting room wished they’d brought theirs…


    • Tell me about it! I also misread the instructions so I had no food for 48 hours before the procedure. Idiot. And yes me too. Must come and visit your shop! Do you have any social events coming up?


      • Oh no! 48hrs?! Eeep. Unfortunately my shop is too small for social events (I worry about fire hazards and things!), but I have chairs I can pull out if you wanted to stop for a chat 😀

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      • Well I might just do that 😉 just been looking at your website. Lush!! And now stalking you on Instagram, my new favourite thing! Assuming all is ok, may well pop over on Saturday. X


  3. I do hope you’re back to your old self soon. Having had a colonoscopy in the past I’m not surprised you had a poor day yesterday. It completely wiped me out too, both physically and emotionally. Go easy on yourself. x


  4. Feel better. The crochet and knitting are beautiful. I love the casual way Lucy managed to sneak her two front paws onto the sofa. She’s a riot.


  5. I hope you start feeling better soon and the doctors sort things out and discover what’s making you feel so icky.

    Whenever anyone I know is under the weather, I tell them to drink lots of tea with honey. I don’t know if that’ll help, but it certainly couldn’t hurt! 🙂


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