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My husband knows me so well

D has just arrived home after spending a couple of days with his sons and grandchildren.

While he’s been away I have received photos of what he’s up to at random times… The highlight was a photo of a car park behind Old Trafford! (He’s a Manchester United fan…)

Today he went with his eldest to the Imperial War Museum of the North. Not a day out that appeals to me (!) but they had a fabulous time by all accounts. Anyway, he just presented me with this gorgeous crochet poppy.

Even better, it’s a fair trade product made by The Zoe Project, which provides training and fairly paid work for women living in some of the poorest shanty towns in Lima, Peru. I shall still make my donation to the Royal British Legion, but I will wear this with pride.

He also presented me with this mug. If you’ve read my about page or happened to have come across me in my non crafty life, you will appreciate how much this appeals to me. As he knew it would!



He’s the son of a 1960’s feminist. Not the burn your bra kind, but someone who just believed wholeheartedly in equality, which she passed on to her eldest son. I wish I’d known her. Anyway, fab presents & fab husband.

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