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Mystery KAL

About a week ago I came across a blog post advertising Woolly Wormhead’s 2014 Mystery KAL. I’ve intended to join in every year for the last few years but things never panned out that way. This year however I felt up for it. I’m keeping up with my Scheepjes CAL, my Christmas crafting is on track and I’d really like a nice hat. Plus I needed to do something with this skein of I Knit Or Dye gorgeousness!



Because I couldn’t be bothered to get my swift and ball winder out, I wound it by hand!


I knitted a swatch!!! I wish I’d taken a photo! (NB, spoilers from here on if you’re also doing it!) I started clue one with DPNs and quickly realised I needed a 2.5mm circular. I bought a 60cm KnitPro Karbonz which is fantastic.


The instalment started with a provisional cast on, which I’ve never done before.


Last night I finished clue 1, the brim. I love the yarn and the pattern so far. I’m even enjoying knitting on 2.5mm’s!



As there are now 224 stitches on the needles, I’ve put a stitch marker every 25 so I can count them easily!

This morning I took some photos in daylight. Murky rainy daylight…




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