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I finished the 82 squares for Dad’s waistcoat at the weekend. Initially I was jubilant, until I realised I have a whole LOAD of work to do to construct it! I’ve broken it into the following stages…

1. Blocking
2. Sewing in the ends (argh)
3. Arranging the squares so they are balanced at the front
4. Start sewing the large blocks together
5. Take the entire thing to the lovely Janet at Marmalade and throw myself on her mercy (she is expecting this, I haven’t just randomly decided!).
6. Do everything she tells me to do (which will include shaping, edging and buttonholes…)

Monday night is designated for blocking half the squares. I know myself, I’m never going to have the patience to do it all in one go…




I’m hoping to get to stage 5 next Monday…

In another matter, aren’t these mock cables on my MKAL gorgeous?!


12 thoughts on “Blocking…

  1. So tell me now, you pin each square to the ironing board and then what? Do you steam or dry iron? Does the iron actually press the squares at the same time?

    I’m asking as I have never blocked. I always wait til the thing is sewn together and then try and make it straight [Insert shame-faced grin here] I need to learn to do things properly!

    The mock cables are gorgeous and so is the raspberry yarn!


    • Ah the joys of blocking. Like knitting a swatch, a pain, but ultimately worth it. This method I’m using is a quick blocking technique that I personally only use for crochet. You pin the items out and then you hover the iron over them (not touching), I go for an inch away, and then press the steam button so the iron puffs gusts of steam onto the crochet. They will feel warm and damp. Leave to dry for 20 mins & unpin. Normally though, with a shawl or garment, I would soak it in Eucalan & warm water for 20 mins, gentle squeeze the water out of it with a towel & then pin to size or to show off pattern. I pin onto a towel laid over an old shower curtain! It is amazing what a difference blocking makes to shawls in particular. I hate blocking but I tend to do it with everything now. You’d probably find with a gentle blocking that you wouldnt need to try & make things straight!


      • I never knitted swatches either, until very recently and have just learned to appreciate the value of that – so I’m guessing the pain of blocking will be repaid a hundredfold also! Just goes to prove one is never too old to learn!

        Thank you for the detailed instructions – I shall keep my old shower curtain and put a new one up, swipe one of the old towels back from the dogs pile and be in business – I have a big Bavarian Stitch blanket on the go and I know that will need blocking as the last one I did has never had a perfectly square look to it despite hours of tugging and steaming and swearing 🙂


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