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Recurrence of the knitting injury…

You probably heard my anguished shout when I realised I had aggravated my knitting injury in my left arm…

It seems to be really exacerbated by knitting on circular needles and I’ve been knitting in the round on both the MKAL and Wingspan. I’m SO cross. I thought I was taking it easy and not pushing it with either. Obviously I have to stop working on both for at least a week. The MKAL isn’t a major problem as it’s for me, but Wingspan is a Christmas present.

I’d noticed it was a bit sore mid week which is when I got stuck into the sewing up of the Noro squares but it wasn’t until today when I picked up my MKAL that I knew I had a problem.

Even more annoyingly, it turns out that using the 3mm hook for my Scheepjes CAL is also slightly tweaking at it, though not at all like using the knitting needles. I think I’ll be doing just the one square this week.

Using my 6mm hook for the waistcoat is fine but I don’t want to push it so I’ll be taking it easy. Luckily I have some bows and flowers to sew for Christmas.

MKAL – postponed indefinitely
Wingspan – postponed for a week (at least, probably a couple of weeks)
Scheepjes CAL – just one square this week (unless it makes it worse)

Will be working on:
The waistcoat (6mm hook)
The Star blanket (also 6mm hook)

ARGH *bleeped out swearing* ARGH

I’ll leave you with a couple of photos doctored by my niece which make me laugh.



I particularly like Ollie bunny’s moustache!

14 thoughts on “Recurrence of the knitting injury…

  1. Oh Claire, I’m so sorry – how incredibly inconvenient for this to flare up right now! But then again, when would it have been convenient I wonder …… and I did not even know you could get injuries from knitting. Is it some kind of RSI? Best wishes for a speedy return to the needles!


    • Thank you! It’s a bit pathetic really!! I went to see the doctor a couple of years ago with it assuming I had carpel tunnel syndrome. (I didn’t know where the pain from that manifests!) my doctor looked at my arm and pointed out an over developed muscle (the only one I have) which, if you turn your left hand sideways on, is about 3 inches up the arm from the end of the bone in your thumb. He said that I’d sprained it. It isn’t technically RSI as I don’t do the same motion all the time to cause the problem. It’s a combination of things and if I had a long day of knitting it would ache a bit, but circulars just seem to set it off. Not socks on DPNs or mini cables but projects on circular cable – it’s why I generally avoid using them. So, it’s a sprain! Site of an old injury I have to look after. Ludicrous really! A bit of self imposed restraint for a while then I will be back to the million WIPs and too little time πŸ˜‰

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      • I checked my arm 3″ up from the thumb bone – flat. I tried 4″, nothing – 5″ nope. Not a muscle to be seen! Girl you must do a lot of knitting! I suppose we hold circulars differently to straight – plus there is probably extra weight on the needles too…… May your patience not be strained while you heal and, when the time is right may the WIP’s behave themselves and thread through easily and effortlessly!


      • LOL It’s more likely I hold them awkwardly! I’m an incredibly slow knitter and can never seem to build up speed so it’s more likely I do something weird. I do do quite a lot of knitting but that’s just determination πŸ˜‰ I’m quite patient but then I do have shed loads of crochet to do. πŸ˜„

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  2. What a coincidence – I’ve just been to the Osteopath who confirmed my sore neck and shoulders are due to too much crochet/hand sewing!! Easily sorted by massage and neck exercises though – I hope your injury heals as quickly:)


  3. Hope the aggravated muscle reverses itself soon. It has a heck of a nerve misbehaving at this time of the year. The fur baby pictures are cute. Hugs and kisses to Mollie.


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