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I want to make some of my friends little gifts for Christmas, and also some of Mollie’s dog pals. Flower brooches or flowers for collars seem like a good idea (tho not for the boy dogs 😉) so I invested in a couple of Clover Kanzashi Flower Makers. They are fabulous! Today I whipped up these!


I prefer the pointy flowers to the round ones so I made more of those. But I am so chuffed with them!




Not bad for a bit of fabric and one of these!


Now I just need to work out how to finish them. 😄

16 thoughts on “Flowers

  1. There now, I was going to say the same thing as Snail – a flower would look gorgeous on Siddy – until he ate it! A button in the middle would be fab – and easy. A brooch back? or a bit of elastic to thread them through a collar perhaps…….

    I can just see all your doggie friends lined up wearing their flowers and grinning inanely 🙂

    That is a most ingenious little device and I would very much like one! I shall have to have a hunt around – I don’t buy from Amazon as their shipping cost is exorbitant. Is it just called ‘Clover’ or is that the maker?


      • Done 🙂 I googled ‘Clover’ and found they have a blog on wordpress – small world! When I googled ‘Clover’ New Zealand I got lots of seed suppliers and honey makers 🙂 Sigh! I don’t live in a country that makes it easy to be a crafter!

        I was thinking you could make a load of flowers and string them together for bunting 🙂

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  2. your flowers are gorgeous!!! and of course i am now gripped with wild excitement about the flower maker gadget – I didn’t know they existed and my own attempts at fabric flowers have been dodgy to say the least. Amazon here we come…..

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