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WIP: crochet bathroom mat

I was at home this morning prior to having an MRI scan in Bath. Though technically the procedure I had was an MRE, with the E standing for endoscopy. I’d had to take some tablets to clear my intestine so work wasn’t really the place to do that… In a classic case of avoiding yet more sewing up on the waistcoat, I got out the bathroom mat I’m making for Mum and did some of that this morning.


I spent quite a long time working out the colours for inside the hexagons to make sure I had an even spread.



Now I’m home feeling really quite sick from the stuff they made me drink. And I’ve been looking forward to the macaroni cheese I have in the fridge all day!!!


19 thoughts on “WIP: crochet bathroom mat

  1. Hope you are feeling better Claire – horrid procedure! I love the colours you have used in the bath mat – what a glorious idea! It is quite hard to get affordable cotton yarn of a good weight here, but this is most inspiring!


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