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A little further towards an FO

I have added the armbands and hem to the waistcoat. Clearly it needs blocking but you can see what it will look like now….


Hem detail:


Armhole detail:


Buttonband detail:


I love the curved edges of the fronts!


Next up, sewing in ALL the ends and blocking. But that’s after I get Janet’s approval!

14 thoughts on “A little further towards an FO

  1. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with this – it is the kind of thing I would think of making and then not have a clue how to make it fit! I love the edgings and the curve – they are the perfect finishing touches! It is such a labour of love!!


  2. Oh Claire, it’s really coming together in a wonderful way. What a lovely, heart-felt gift you are giving him. I think it is super!


  3. Hi Claire, have you seen the HiyaHiya interchangeable straight needles? Just seen then reviewed in Knit Now magazine. I know you can’t use circulars so these would be a great option.

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  4. Hi, Claire! Just found you through The Contented Crafter, who mentioned your waistcoat. I just love it! It would be gorgeous over a white shirt and jeans, too. ~ Linne


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