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A tidying and sorting day

Thank you for all your kind messages about The Leak.

I have got over my desire to howl and am now approaching the whole situation in too ribald a fashion according to Damon. Apparently referring to it as a flood is exaggerating! Who knew. Anyway the insurance assessor is coming in the morning, so hopefully the stinky carpet can be dumped tomorrow.

As the diner part of the kitchen, with the table, has become my defacto crafting area (alongside the 5 seater sofa, which I do quite frequently use ALL of), I had to clear all of that out, and remove as much stuff as possible. In order to do that I had to tidy up the back bedroom. That has been in a mess for months and also had boxes of stuff that needed sorting and either throwing away or donating to charity,

I had taken a short notice day off work in order to get us all sorted out. I am pleased to say that I not only got the room sorted out, I put at least one bag of clothes and shoes in a charity bank and have six or seven more ready to go; I threw out LOADS of stuff that we didn’t need and recycled a lot as well.

I managed to tidy up the kitchen table and around the room, transferring it all upstairs. Then that done I turned the sofa bed into a cozy Christmas crafting zone. I am so pleased I might keep it like this! Though without the Christmas theme!



In other news, although I really don’t do chick-lit or Aga sagas or indeed any form of novels written for the women’s market, I am quite looking forward to this!


Also, I found a photo of myself with my nephew from March/ April 2003 taken just outside my old office and back when clearly dark lipstick was the thing. Isn’t he cute?! He’s 12 now and would find that statement highly embarrassing. Good thing he doesn’t read this blog.

IMG_1235.JPG Looking at me in that photo you can see how much I used to dye my hair, so much so that it looks like I have grey regrowth! As I still don’t have any grey apart from two or three strands I’ve found in the last decade, that’s a bit annoying!

I did do quite a lot of crafting this evening, but it is a surprise for someone who reads the blog, so I can’t tell you what it is. And I didn’t photograph it either! Whoops. And now its all packed up…

11 thoughts on “A tidying and sorting day

  1. What’s an Aga Saga? I know an Aga is an oven, so is it a novel you read beside it……… OH!!! It’s a ‘POT-BOILER’ isn’t it? That’s clever πŸ™‚ Love that photo of you with your little nephew and I wouldn’t have noticed the hair if you hadn’t mentioned it! AND I’m very impressed with your little crafting area. Good on you for setting that up for yourself. It looks very inviting. Good Luck with the assessor and I hope all is plain sailing now – though with less water πŸ™‚


  2. I read the book last weekend and really enjoyed it. I’m more of a biography reader than a novel reader but as it had two of my favourite subjects – knitting and Christmas I thought I couldn’t go wrong.

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  3. Oh my goodness, I absolutely adore your Christmassy Crafting Corner! I spend so much time up in my studio and I hadn’t thought about decorating it for Christmas, but it would certainly be a lovelier place to work if I did. I’m glad you sound a little more upbeat today and hope it continues:)


    • I have just spent half an hour looking at cute dog pictures to cheer me up…. As my colleague just pointed out, when the stinky carpet is up, and the floor cleaned, it will be on the way to getting better and it isn’t a life or death situation. She’s right, I absolutely know she’s right, but with all the health stuff going on too I’m struggling to lift myself! However it is amazing what a video of a trampolining dog can do….


  4. WHAT dark lippy has gone out of fashion LOL !!!!!! I’ve missed quite a lot while I’ve been away I’ll have to back track to find out what’s been going on, I gather you have had a water invasion, hope you get sorted soon


  5. I’m so sorry that this happened! That’s awful. But
    I’m also secretly impressed by your efficiency in sorting it out. A horrible, horrible experience. Sending heartfelt sympathy. (If you were nearby, I’d also offer wine plus an inefficient but enthusiastic pair of hands to help clear up.)


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