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I’ve *just* finished sewing in all the ends on Dad’s waistcoat. A job I wouldn’t have had to do if I were disciplined and did them as I went….


I’m a big fan of Hiya Hiya sewing up needles with a curved end for jobs like these…


Tomorrow I will block the waistcoat and when dry, will sew the buttons on. I’m starting to see the end of a mammoth task!

In other news, the insurance assessor has been, filmed everything as well as taking photos and writing a report. She’s recommended a structural survey… Keep your fingers crossed they find nothing… While Damon is a bit pants not talented at DIY, his army training has left him quite logical so he then fully removed the stinky carpet, without moving all the furniture much (no I don’t know how, it involved cutting it into bits – the stinky carpet not the furniture obvs), as well as the underlay and took the whole lot to the dump. Yay! When I got home I just had to hoover and steam mop. Although my Mum’s steam mop is not the revelation my colleague claims hers is…

EDIT: D didn’t leave these jobs for me (we share the household chores absolutely 50 50. It’s a key thing of mine but luckily his Mum was an early ’60s feminist so he expects to), he had to go out on a council appointment and I was home first. Sorry to bore on but I didn’t want to give the impression he leaves housework for me to do.

I also blocked my sister’s shawl. As its huge and we have a large unused office at work I did it there!


And without further ado, goodnight.

8 thoughts on “Ends

  1. So excited to see the waistcoat in all its glory fitted on your dad. The shawl is beautiful, rather Peruvian looking – definitely exotic! Fingers crossed for a good outcome re the leak and it all being patched up in time for Christmas.


  2. Does any one sew in the ends as they go along?
    Glad your water issue is progressing. We currently have the opposite problem. Not enough water. It literally dribbling out of the tap. YW have proven that the problem is with us, not with the main supply. 😦


  3. Lovely shawl. Glad the rug and under thingy is gone. Allergies are such a bother. I admire your determination and strength in sewing all those ends and not going insane. The first thing I think of before I jump into a project is how many ends will need sewing. Alas, many fine projects have never been attempted. I don’t think I have that kind of mental strength.

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