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Christmas decorating

My nephew A had asked if he could spend the day with me. I was delighted to have him here. He helped me with a couple of chores, fed the bunnies and then helped me put my Christmas tree up.

WARNING. This young man is 12 and he has a lot of taste. I feel I should say that the following pictures will not include similarities to the pictures of previous years. My sister and I generally operate on an ‘if you can see any green you’re not trying hard enough’ principle which I have always found works well. My niece is the same. A does not subscribe to the more is more school of thought. He very carefully placed the lights and decorations and when I suggested that a large amount of tinsel would nicely finish the tree off, he negated this quite firmly. So without any further ado:




I own a lot of Christmas decorations. This year I decided we would have a blue and silver scheme with touches of cerise and lime green. I even crocheted some covers for three. I like the pale blue ones but rather went off the darker one when Damon pointed out it looked like a grenade…



Ta–dah! The tasteful tree!

IMG_8807.JPG Annoying Damon said how much nicer it was than our usual tree. Gah.

This is our other ‘tree’ – its from Habitat at Homebase. I just love it. Those colours change regularly, from pastels to brights. It’s quite mesmerising.


Then this afternoon our friends Sam and Josh and their dog Bentley came round and we made garlands from strands of tinsel, battery operated 20 light strings of fairy lights, baubles and whatever else is to hand. This was my first effort:


Subsequently demoted to the largest picture:


When I made this one:


A made his Mum a rather glamorous garland for her mirror, ‘assisted’ by Bentley





After that a little knitting and lego making occurred before everyone went home about 6.30pm.



I had a fab day!

12 thoughts on “Christmas decorating

    • I agree he will go far – he is already a first Dan in karate, having had his black belt since he was 10! And the tree is lovely – it’s just being able to see through it that confuses me. it is also very definitely on a tilt…… Not sure if its a fault or its construction… oh well as long as it doesn’t fall over before Twelfth Night we’ll be ok!

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  1. I love the tree – and the garlands look wonderful! we have not begun decorating yet. Just doesn’t feel like there is any urgency. I did get the holiday dishes out to use every day, and I got the window candles downstairs. No batteries in them yet, but small steps, right?


  2. I get the same comments from Legs. My mother is from the “if it’s not moving it must be decorated” school, and I learned well. Although I have yet to hang candy canes in the house plants per her example, I can still deck the halls pretty well. Legs is not always impressed, especially when it comes to the necessary “fluffing” of an artificial tree’s branches. That is left to me. All Christmas trees are beautiful, rather tasteful or over the top. Enjoy!

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    • He’s a rescue who has fallen on his paws! He is well looked after and cosseted. When they arrived he was wearing a scarf! The photos were just the ones I managed to get – there were a couple of hilarious moments when in order to get A’s attention he kept putting a toy in his lap or on his back as he bent over. He’s also a leaner – he comes over for some fuss and leans on you! I love him to bits.


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