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Christmas wreath ta-dah!

I start writing this from the smug position of having finished wrapping our Christmas gifts. That done I have been working on a pink and blue Christmas wreath to match our decorations. I’ve seen a number of posts about covering Styrofoam wreathes so I struck out blindly with a ball of pink Stylecraft Life chunky I’ve had in my stash since I started knitting – I made my sister a cardigan and there was a ball left.

I crocheted an oblong using 25 stitches across and using half double crochets (US terms) and half trebles (UK terms) – I am self taught and although British, use US terms. Yes, I even confuse myself.


I then took the following ingredients:







I covered the wreath:



Sewed the lights on in a zigzag pattern, covered them with thin silver tinsel and wound blue sparkly ribbon around the wreath:



I added three bows, in purple, pink and blue, pinned on some of the stars and started to work out the position of the baubles:


I chose to put groups of baubles around the wreath and added some blue tinsel as a frame. My intention was to add more stars to the bottom right but not to cover the entire wreath, however, I think I might be finished.





22 thoughts on “Christmas wreath ta-dah!

    • Thank you – I hadn’t thought about it before but you are right, it is very me. Although I did have to restrain myself from loading more on it – the more is more syndrome – but I managed to stop when I knew it was done!


    • LOL! It’s an odd feeling, I am normally wrapping like a looney on Christmas Eve! But because I am doing less knitting/ crochet because of the arm I am getting on with other things. At least I can go away to visit my Dad and then for Christmas knowing that all is done šŸ™‚


  1. Hey, that is great! I think if I only heard about it, I would wonder what the heck it would look like, but you have a way with things and make them snazzy and pretty. Seeing is believing. It is really fun! I am unadventurous when it comes to decorating: my wreath on my door is greens, with not even a bow. I intend to put one on, but as yet it has not happened. It might not at all. I did put a window candle behind it so the light shines through, but that is the extent of it.


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