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The Waistcoat’s Recipient!

I have been documenting the progress of my Magnum Opus, Dad’s crochet waistcoat, on my blog since I first started it back in October. The last I posted about it and showed photos was when it had started to take shape back at the end of November. I’d documented this pretty freely but I didn’t remember to post pictures of the buttons I’d chosen!

Yesterday my sister, nephew, niece and I travelled to Kent to visit my Dad & StepMum for a pre-Christmas get together. Before dinner we exchanged Christmas gifts; I gave my StepMum her Wingspan, which she was very happy with, and I gave Dad the waistcoat. He was absolutely delighted with it, as I thought he would be. And this morning he posed for some photos for me:





It fits him perfectly! Janet, our (your!) measurements were spot on.

These are the buttons I chose:



I am so pleased with this!

And yes, I do take after him… Two peas in a pod!

16 thoughts on “The Waistcoat’s Recipient!

  1. I feel like your dad’s smile! What a wonderful gift you have given him – it is colourful and unique, just like your dad obviously is. I hope it’s not your magnum opus – I hope it is the first of many more colourful and extraordinary creations from you. Happy Christmas Claire!

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  2. Love it!! (I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a few days so am only just catching up, and was really hoping you’d post a pic or two of the finished object.) It’s fabulous and unique and it suits him. And I’d challenge anyone to feel miserable wearing a waistcoat as joyful as that. Merry Christmas!

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    • Thanks very much. He really liked it – I overheard him telling my stepmum how much he liked it which was nice. At present it is on a Viking River Cruise on the Danube, giving the locals an idea of British eccentricity! I am so pleased I made it and won’t be scared of putting together garments in future! Happy Christmas to you too! X


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