Spiral construction

I have loved the pattern ‘Spiral Construction – When Alice Fell‘ for ages and in the last few weeks I’ve been trying it out when travelling with some Katia Tucan I have in my stash.



However when I bought the yarn on Christmas Eve it was because I thought it would look gorgeous in this pattern… And it does!



Fab! The Katia colour change is too abrupt but the King Cole Riot suits this pattern perfectly.

12 thoughts on “Spiral construction

  1. This is indeed a ‘thumbs up!’ I am so hesitant about using Ravelry [and ‘Craftsy’ too] as I know I will be swallowed up and may never emerge – so I am really happy you find these wonderful patterns! It is way too complex for my limited capabilities so I shall watch with interest to see what fabulousness emerges from your hook this round.


  2. The King Cole is certainly a more subtle colour change if that’s what you’re after, but bold can be good too! The spiral design makes an interesting change, doesn’t it?


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