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What a view!

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post. I’m in my apartment; I drove successfully on the autopista from the airport to the resort and then again to the Mercadona for supplies (including a toothbrush!). This is the view from my balcony!

And it’s still just about 20c. Bliss….

15 thoughts on “What a view!

  1. Enjoy this wonderful opportunity for R&R! You got there so quickly – I have not long finished reading the previous post! You certainly had a time of it last year – I do hope 2015 gives you a non-leaky house, good health and many more wonderful knitting and crochet projects!

    PS I forgot to say in my latest post, and meant to – that Siddy is still wearing his Christmas flower and doesn’t like me to take it off – how cute is that!

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    • I posted it when I was sitting in the lounge. My flight was at 10.40 and we arrived at 2.50; I had my luggage and car by 3.30 and was at the resort by 3.50. And I’d unpacked & been to the supermarket by 5.45pm! I’m tired now though!
      So pleased Siddy likes his flower. He must love the bells noise. He’s such a poppet!


      • Yes, it’s the bells he likes. When it goes back on he tosses his head like a pony and canters about the place looking mighty pleased with himself. He is such a hoot!

        I forget how much closer everything is in Europe – I’d still be flying somewhere over the Pacific if I was going anywhere! Hopefully you can put the watch away now and just let the days unfold at their own pace until the rest of your party arrives. Be well! xo


    • I am having a lovely time! Slept late, messed around on Ravelry, swanned down to the onsite restaurant for a cafe cortado with my Kindle, went for a nice walk by the shore and am now sitting on my balcony in the sun thinking about doing some Nupps after I’ve eaten these crisps and drunk this diet coke 😉


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