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Goodies from Italy

Just before the New Year I got a wonderful surprise when a parcel from Italy arrived! It was from the lovely Tajana at Tatie’s World. I was so delighted when I opened it up!


There were two gorgeous heart shaped key rings! My sister fell in love with this one so she has her keys on it now! I knew Tajana wouldn’t mind me spreading the crochet goodness around!


My keys are on this beauty!


A beautiful hair slide – my niece helped me model it as I can’t photograph the back of my own head easily!


There was also a gorgeous heart charm, but this is my favourite piece and the one I have out on my coffee table. I don’t know whether you would call it a doily – previous posts may have indicated I’m not partial to doilies – but it doesn’t look like any doily I’ve ever seen! It’s so beautiful! And so delicate – done on a very small hook!


Thank you so much Tajana, you are a very talented crocheter and I was so so pleased to get a parcel from you.

Edit: This should have been posted a week ago – sorry Tajana!

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