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CAL squares

As you may recall back in late November I had a reoccurrence of my knitting injury, brought on by too much knitting & crochet. It is massively exacerbated by knitting in the round for some reason – which is why I am being extremely careful with Annis – and crocheting with a small hook also seems to not help. Luckily I don’t do much on a smaller hook than a 4mm one but the Scheepjeswol CAL uses a 3mm, and that is the project I was working on when it happened.

I will be honest I have come close to dumping the Scheepjeswol CAL several times. I will be very careful about CALs I decide to take part in in the future. I loved the colours and the yarn and the hype around this one and got very excited. I had had such a positive experience with the stripey as you go blanket run by Hannah at Not Your Average Crochet that I was busting to take part in another. Of course Hannah’s CAL was very achievable being 6-8 rows a week. With this one you had to do six squares a week, with each one taking 2-3 hours (at my speed). Plus each of the six were all the same and I think it is well known I have a remarkably short attention span. The finished blanket is gorgeous and I certainly don’t want to criticise its creator or the pattern. It’s just not, if I am honest, the sort of CAL I should do.

I brought the yarn with me so I could work on finishing it. My friend Sam has done his CAL blanket and recommended I didn’t dump my version as I would feel a sense of achievement by finishing it… I’m not convinced but he does have a birthday in March… (*evil grin*). Actually I am thinking of gifting it to my Dad for his 70th. We’ll see. So yesterday and this morning I did these:



2015/01/img_9419.jpg So with six of those done I am now going to try and do one square a day while I am here.

22 thoughts on “CAL squares

  1. I have to admit that I ‘dumped’ this CAL. I took it on when I already had a full crafting calender and got behind really quickly. I also wasn’t very keen on some of the darker colours. And then I wasn’t sure about the usefulness of a thin blanket in cotton with lots of holes in it apart from the fact it would just look lovely drapped over something.
    Thankfully it wasn’t too huge an investment and the cotton is very useful for my amigurumi. But don’t let me put you off!!!!!
    I’m not sure what will match the enjoyment we both got out of the Not Your Average Crochet stripy blanket CAL.
    Enjoy your break.

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    • Ohhhh I wish I’d known that before Sam talked me in to finishing. However I could sew what I’ve got together and skip the rest…. The pattern I’ve just done is the last one I feel inclined to do…..
      Do you like the cotton? I don’t think I like it as much as Rico, but I’d be interested to know what you think?


      • I prefer the Rico but I think you get what you pay for.
        I may even do a ripple blanket with the cotton as most of the colours are lovely. I think it will ‘beef’ up a bit with a denser pattern, if you know what I mean. I may even back it with some fleece.
        There – I’ve talked myself into another project!

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      • Or hold it double for Aran weight. I’m looking into making a bag in cotton and it might work for that. Oh I am glad you told me you’re not doing it. It’s a bit freeing. I’ll see how I feel but I had intended to finish it to give to my Dad & StepMum but I’m not sure how much use a single blanket would be to them πŸ˜‰


  2. I was inspired to join this cal by visiting both Mollie and Claire and Loce Lucie and am pleased to say I have finished mine this weekend. Working on a 3mm hook is a bit small for me and like Mollie I suffer with my wrists. For future blankets I will stick to my usual, no less than DK and a size 4 hook. It does look lovely now it’s finished though. I think you should not bully yourself into finishing if it is causing your other projects to suffer. Remember we do this for pleasure and if your not enjoying making it you should stop. Hope you are feeling better.

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    • Ooh I look forward to seeing your finished version. I may sew the squares I have completed together as a cot blanket for my husband’s baby grand-daughter – but I feel the same, nothing less than 4mm hooks from now on! Unless it’s very small projects!


  3. I really like this square. The flower centre is gorgeous and I love the colours. I hope you manage to get the CAL finished at some point but I wouldn’t set yourself a specific end date, especially if you aren’t enjoying it, or you could turn yourself off it completely πŸ™‚


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