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A Knitty day

It’s been a lovely day here in Tenerife, about 24C, which is comparable to the weather since I’ve been here. It’s been very windy but it is the winter here so I’m not complaining!! I’ve just come back from my compulsory daily walk, which I decided to do at 5pm and not in the middle of the day (there’s no chance I’m going to be up for going early before the heat of the day!). Today I have finished the lace section of Annis and started the short row shaping. I’m really enjoying this pattern – it isn’t complicated and after I had some good advice on Nupps, I didn’t have any problem with the second and third rows of them!



2015/01/img_9428.jpg See Salpal, Nupps!

I’m definitely going to knit this in a sock weight on the 4.5mm needles as I think the pattern will be lovely in a denser fabric. Though not for a while! I have also discovered that if I sit at a table with circular needles and let the table take the weight of my knitting that my wrist doesn’t hurt. I am sure this may seem *completely* obvious but it never occurred to me! I’ve also knit a bit on the Await shrug:


After discussing the CAL with quite a few people in the comments on my post a few days ago I have decided not to continue with it but to turn the 30 squares I do have into a cot blanket for my step granddaughter. That way I do have an FO but I also don’t have to force myself to do something I don’t want to do. It feels like a positive way forward, and it means if I want to mess round with the rest of the yarn I can!

25 thoughts on “A Knitty day

  1. Are you talking with Tajana about the Nupps knitting? I just adore those colours! What is made of and what weight is it please – I think I’m going looking for some πŸ™‚

    Your winter temps in Tenerife are almost as good as our mid summer temps here! Isn’t it fabulous πŸ™‚ Are you feeling better? xo

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  2. Your nupps look lovely! So glad I could help.:-)

    Actually, that whole shawl looks really beautiful. Lucky Mum. The shrug is pretty, as well. You are making good progress!

    I hope you are also resting and sunning and getting healthy. You must miss Mollie on your walks each day.


  3. Good shout to stop and make a cot blanket – that way you get to keep some lovely yarn and maybe make something to keep with it? Hope this enforced relaxation is proving to be suitably healing as well as creatively productive:)

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    • Well I am certainly being creative! I like to make presents for my family and as it keeps growing I seem to make less and less for me! I’m thinking of making a poncho or cardigan out of Granny squares for my nine year old niece – inspired by your poncho creation! I might play with the yarn I have left to see how I could do that. As for feeling well, I am managing to walk for 45 minutes, with just one sit down half way and although feeling tired by the end, it’s a good tired rather than an exhausted tired, so that is an improvement!

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  4. That is a beautiful piece of lace work with nupps that you have knitted. All your stitches are perfect and lovely. The colors of that yarn just blow me away. It reminds me of the islands of Hawaii. I am far away from your 24C at -6C.

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    • This is one of those patterns that once you’re through the lace, which is only 18 rows long, and into the short row shaping, seems to fly along. The Nupps were the biggest issue! I am aiming to finish it today/ tomorrow before Mum arrives for her short break!
      And yes, every single ball of Mille Colori is gorgeous, I’m about to go into some pastel rows – it’s a bit addictive, I’ll say ‘I’ll knit until the butterscotch row’ then I’ll end up adding more on!

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      • Indeed, that is the fun part about knitting with such pretty colours. You just want to keep going to see the next colour, and the next, and the next, each time eager to see how it “unfolds” in the stitches.
        Starting a small shawl soon for a buddy as well, have also chosen a pattern with a small lace border, and then short row shaping. Eagerly awaiting the delivery of the yarn that I ordered, I am hoping to have it before the weekend still. πŸ™‚

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  5. I think the cot blanket an excellent idea. As you say a FO instead of an annoying niggly project.
    I would get great pleasure in using both those striping yarns. I love to watch the colours develop although I find them harder projects to put down and go to bed!


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