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Annis finished

This morning, although rain had been forecast, it was beautifully sunny. After breakfast I sat on my balcony and kept going with the short row shaping…



This afternoon I finished the shaping:


And then after I’d been for a walk I cast off. The cast off is quite a firm one, which is what gives the shawl it’s shape:


I can’t block it while I’m out here but I am pleased with it! And I have a small ball of the silk left – probably about 100 metres, so I shall have to find out how to crochet jewellery or something!

29 thoughts on “Annis finished

  1. Oh, ho-ho! It is stunning! I’m totally in love with the colour, the shape, the edging – just glorious. Your mum will be over the moon! I’ve found the yummy yarn – the cost is inhibitive for me at the moment – but never say never! 🙂 Good work Claire! Hope the sunshine is doing you lots of good too 🙂


    • Hahahaha!!! That’s what a weeks uninterrupted knitting gets you. I’m hoping to finish some birthday presents for May & August and then I can get on with the birthday blanket & maybe make a cardy for myself I’ve been wanting to make! Thanks for the jewellery tip!


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