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Ollie & a little light knitting….

This young man has given my husband and I a real scare over the last few days.

2015/01/img_0814.jpg On Sunday I had a call in Tenerife from the woman the bunnies are boarding with while I’m away saying he desperately needed to go to the vet as he was ill and she couldn’t raise D and couldn’t take him herself as her husband was away with the car. I had to phone my sister and ask her to go round to my house and wake D up (he works nights and had left his phone downstairs) to get him to ring the rabbit lady up. That happened and D took Ollie to see our wonderful Polish vet who admitted him, hooked him up to a drip and took X-Rays of his inside. He was suffering from a condition called gut stasis, which is something rabbits get a lot. Normally it resolves itself but medical intervention can be required to ensure that they survive. The vet phoned D on Monday morning and said that she was happy with Ollie’s progress but she would be keeping him in until at least Tuesday as she wanted to be sure he was ok. Unless you’re a rabbit owner, you probably don’t know that with rabbits they’re either fine or seriously ill. There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground! And as a rabbit owner you need to make sure your vet really understands how rabbits work – ours has kept pet rabbits and has done a course in rabbit medicine. (Yes, our rabbits have a different vet to our dog…!) Anyway, the good thing is he has survived! This was him last night at our house having a night in the kitchen. And yes, he is a big rabbit. Bigger than a cat….

2015/01/img_9498.jpg *sighs of relief all round* Now he is back at the rabbit rescue & boarding being reintroduced to Flora. Hopefully that goes ok….

Back in Tenerife, Mum went home yesterday and I have three days on my own before D and our friends join me for a week. I ploughed on with the Await shrug.


This morning I kept going. The ric-rack lace and ribbing combination has been really inspiring and I have been sketching various garment possibilities as I worked on the last bit of ribbing! I’m never going to be a designer, but I think it might be a really fun challenge to take another pattern I like and reimagine it using different stitches.


At lunchtime I finished the ribbing and cast off. I have done as much of this project as I can for now – I need to try it on my sister (with her eyes closed!) and work out how long the sleeve seams need to be – I can then finish it with the ribbed border that creates structure for the garment. I just LOVE the colours on this piece of knitting. And bizarrely, the colour that has predominated as I have been knitting is the butterscotch colour, which doesn’t even show in these photos!



So, what can a girl do but cast on another shawl?! This is Lucille by Anniken Allis in Natali Stewart seacell and silk fingering weight.

2015/01/img_9505.jpg This one is also destined for my Mum. All my projects this holiday are destined to be gifts! It happens that I have never knitted a lace shawl for my Mum and she said she would like one just before I went to the Knitting and Stitching show last October. She can’t wear wool and I picked up this and the Indian Silk at the show with the idea of making her two different lace shawls this year, one for her birthday and one for Mother’s Day. I bought them both with me on holiday as I find shawls perfect holiday knitting – not that much yarn, easy to take around with you and you have time to concentrate on them. And if I can take home two finished shawls and a nearly finished shrug I will be super happy!

Anyway, think it is time to go for my daily walk! This was the sunset last night, hope it is as glorious tonight!


14 thoughts on “Ollie & a little light knitting….

  1. Oh Claire, how upsetting having an ill Ollie when you’re so far away! I’m glad he’s on the mend – pets do know how to worry us, don’t they? Shrug is utterly fabulous and I can’t believe how quickly you’ve done it!


  2. It’s good to hear that Ollie recovered. Max, my dog, worries me constantly when I’m away. Is he eating? Is he getting enough cuddle time? I confess that I am a worrier.
    Love the shrug. The colors are beautiful.

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  3. So pleased to hear that Ollie is recovering nicely so D can join you with a happy heart. Your holiday projects are going very well indeed, the shawl clours a both so lovely I am sure they will be well received gifts when they are finally presented.


  4. The yarn on the newest shawl is gorgeous! I always see such lovely yarns on your blog – if I bought everything I like I’d be forced to live in the gutter in a cardboard box! So I just salivate and dream πŸ™‚ So pleased to hear the Ollie health incident has a happy recovery ending. I’ve never kept rabbits and didn’t know about the health sickness thing. It’s bad enough when I see my cat and puppy having ‘off’ days – well to ill in minutes must be very challenging and horrid when you are not with them!

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    1. I’ve only been a rabbit keeper for five years and it has been a steep learning curve! First things I learned – they are not good pets for kids and mostly they don’t like cuddles!
      As for yarn, I have to be *extremely* disciplined. I aim to buy for specific projects, and the only speculative yarn I permit myself to buy is if it is handdyed & local to where I’m visiting, or a one-off colour way etc. otherwise my house would be full of yarn!

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  5. I hope Ollie continues down the road to good health and remembers that he likes Flora! I love the shrug! And the new shawl looks very nice, too – pretty yarn! Lucky family you have. πŸ™‚

    What a gorgeous sunset – I hope you have a good three days in paradise with your knitting and your sunshine.

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  6. So glad Ollie is feeling better. Yes a rabbit is either fit as a fiddle or on death’s door. There is no in between. Your knitting, as always , is beautiful.

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  7. How long have you been out there now? It seems like forever! I can imagine you’ll be looking forward to seeing your husband again.
    So pleased Ollie has recovered. The alternative would have been unthinkable.
    I love the colour of that sky. We are stuck here with cold white skies and white pavements.


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