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All out of Lucille yarn…

I’m up to Row 28 of 32 on the lace pattern and have finally run out of yarn… Grrrr. No, I didn’t do a test square and the pattern clearly says it will take 400metres knitted to test square tension, so it is entirely my own fault. But still most annoying! However the lace section is looking really lovely:



This is the WIP:


However as I clearly need to finish it, I have been forced to search for the yarn and I found the Natali Stewart Yarns website. And jolly lush stuff they have too! Highly recommended you have a look! Not just silk yarn, but fibre, felt and all matter if lovely stuff.

I have found what I think is the correct yarn (unhelpfully, the catalogue number on my skein does not correspond with a similar colour way on their website…), but I think I need SeCY24, which is these two photos (taken from http://natalistewart.co.uk):



And this is my skein before I would it up:



It will be highly annoying to have to buy a whole Β£22.50 skein to knit 4 rows and cast off! Oh well, I want to finish it! I may see whether some grey lace I have at home would make a nice border, but I’m pretty sure it would be nicer in the same stuff.

20 thoughts on “All out of Lucille yarn…

  1. This is heartbreaking. I would email her a picture and the number of your colorway to see if she has an orphan skein available or if she will dye up a skein for you. The substitute color you’ve chosen doesn’t seem to have the yellow color in it. Another suggestion is ripping back and make a substitute edging that will fit the amount of yarn left.

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    • Thank you! I can’t bear to rip it back as I really like the pattern. I have some very pretty grey Rowan lace which may just contrast nicely, almost as a border. Otherwise I will email and ask if they are willing to sell me a mini skein or as you say an orphan skein. I am going to send a picture and a piece of the yarn I have to be sure I get the right stuff!

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  2. Can’t believe you are so close to finishing and the yarn has run out. I have had a look on the link and it is so hard to be sure which is the right shade, the one you have selected does look very close but on some of the images of the lovely shawl there seems to be a soft green and a golden yellow that I can’t see. Really hope you get it sorted by sending them a strand to match up. Good luck.

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  3. oh, that is rotten luck. 4 rows. Jeesh, so close. I agree that if you do have to buy a whole skein it is not the end of the world. There are lots of patterns that take slightly less than 400 meters. πŸ™‚

    It is simply beautiful I have to say.

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  4. Hi!! It is a bummer when you run out of yarn and need to search….I went to her website, and yes…stunning yarns!! I shared that site as well. Looking forward to seeing your completed project, it is going to be just beautiful!! πŸ™‚

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