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Quick fingerless gloves

On hearing we were likely, when we go home on Friday, to go back to snow, I was cross with myself for not bringing some gloves with me. It then occurred to me that I could whip up a quick pair of fingerless gloves, the kind I’ve been meaning to make for spring and autumn use, using some of the second ball of the Mille Colori used for the Await shrug. So I did!

Of course this is sock yarn and for a dense fabric should be knit on 2.5-3mm needles and I only had 4mms. But for something improvised, I’m pretty pleased with them!


I’ll happily write up the exact recipe if anyone is interested, but they’re knitted flat – I cast on 40 stitches, knitted 2×2 rib for 28 rows, switched to stocking stitch, increased the thumb gusset every four rows to 50 stitches (I started the thumb gusset 17 and 20 stitches in respectively to get the thumbs in the right place), knit 8 rows of stocking stitch and three rows of 1×1 rib on the thumb, then knit a further 10 rows of stocking stitch and 10 rows of 2×2 rib to finish them off. Sewed the thumb, sewed the seam and they were done!


Gloves are *remarkably* hard to photo by yourself! I had to rope D in and he’s not known for his photo composition! Did alright today!

27 thoughts on “Quick fingerless gloves

    • Almost you challenge me…. Though I’ll be honest and say that today I’m in a lazy mood and can’t be arsed to try and figure them out in crochet. But I have written down in my notebook to try!


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