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Changing my mind

As you know, when I bought this King Cole Riot on Christmas Eve, I intended it to be for a Spiral Construction blanket.



It does look glorious in this pattern, as you can see:


BUT this blanket is for me and I don’t *want* a blanket in grey, brown, red and orange. I want a blanket to match my bedroom, which is due to be painted and papered in shades of lilac and lavender with some pale green in the wallpaper in the spring.

I love this yarn and I want to make this pattern and let’s be honest, I got a bit carried away, particularly as the yarn was in a sale! I want a blanket, but in shades to match my bedroom, and I want to wear this yarn. Why it didn’t occur to me until now I will never know. I think the pale green and lavender version of this yarn would be nice for my blanket: http://www.loveknitting.com/king-cole-riot-dk – though quite why this colourway is called ‘Hot’, I cannot fathom!

(While I’m at it, look at this stuff! I need to find me a reason to buy some of that!)

So, back to the Riot, I haven’t got enough for a garment, but I do have enough for a cowl and something else. Since I ran out of yarn for Lucille I’ve been at a loose end. I didn’t want to crochet spirals (I now know why) and my African flower squares I made yesterday just didn’t look right – mostly because I realise I was using the wrong hook…. Why would you check your own blog when you’re determined to use a 4mm hook?

After some intensive searching I found the perfect cowl pattern on Ravelry – I’m fussy about cowls, I like them long and able to loop – and last night I cast on the 210 stitches!

IMG_1457This yarn is just lovely to knit with! It’s very soft and reminds me a lot of Rowan Cocoon (apart from the weight of course!). It just occurred to me that a winter version of Await, with wrist length sleeves, would be a really nice extra winter layer. Might make that with the rest of the yarn…

16 thoughts on “Changing my mind

    • The Bamboozle?! How fab is that?! But I don’t know what I’d do with it – those fashion yarns draw you in but their pattern support is usually crap and then you end up with something you have no idea what to do with… It has happened to me all too frequently sadly.


  1. Ohhh. I now need to forget all about ‘Bamboozle’, as I won’t ever be able to use it. I try to avoid fashion yarns but it does look so gorgeous….. no I must wipe it from my memory.

    Riot looks fab. I’m glad you found a use for it.


  2. Oh that Riot is gorgeous. But I can see why it’d look pretty terrible with your bedroom colours. Pah, you need new bedroom colours.
    (Hope all is well and the job search is proceeding? Apologies if I’ve missed any posts about it?)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sorry about the cowl, it looked so very pretty. I could already imagine it. Love Bamboozle. Stunning colours. But I love your Riot, and am looking forward to see what you will make in the end. 🙂


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