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What I Made On My Holiday

I’m leaving Tenerife, where it’s 20c today and going home where Mum tells me it’s 0c… I’ve had a lovely holiday – mostly knitting and crocheting for the first two weeks, even while Mum was here (she joined in!), and then this last week enjoying visits with D and our friends. All my photos of our travels are on my phone which I don’t have a WiFi code for, so will post those tomorrow. I do feel much better than when I came; the rest and relaxation has been very positive. There’s still some way to go, but hopefully I’m on my way to being at my best. And here is what I’ve done while I’ve been here!
Clockwise from top left:
~ 6 Scheepjeswol CAL squares which will be joined with ones I have already made to make a cot blanket for D’s granddaughter.
~ Mille Colori Await shrug for my sister for her 40th birthday in August.
~ Annis shawlette in SilkIndian silk lace for Mum for Mother’s Day.
~ Unfinished Lucille shawl in Natali Stewart seacell & silk lace for Mum for her birthday in August.
~ A knitting experiment to see if I can turn some King Cole Riot into a long sleeved Await shrug for me.
~ Mille Colori fingerless mittens, made up by me for me 🙂
~ And centre, various African flower crochet squares & part squares I’m willing to take home. Pattern by Barbara Smith here.

Not bad for a pile of yarn that started life as this!

IMG_9406 The only unused yarn I’m taking home is the second ball of each colour of the Scheepjeswol cotton and three balls of Riot. Not bad!

See you when I’m back in the cold!


25 thoughts on “What I Made On My Holiday

  1. wow you made so much! it all looks so gorgeous! I hope that your not too snowed under where you are! Here we just got a little bit that has all nearly melted 🙂 You also look super relaxed and happy on your holiday 😀

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  2. So when did you catch some rest? You were on fire knitting and crocheting. Amazing to see the beautiful things yarn can become in the right hands. Safe trip home.

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  3. Goodness! Although I’ve been following your progress, it looks so much more when photographed together! What a lovely way to relax – I hope reality isn’t too much of a comedown:)

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