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Tenerife 2015

I’ve documented my crafting exploits in Tenerife, but haven’t been able to share any photos of my trips out as I took the photos on my phone and I only had WiFi on my iPad. So without further ado… For the first two weeks I was on my own or with my Mum and every day I took a walk around some part of the area I was staying in.

The coast walk near my complex:




Walking down to the harbour:


It was a bit windy that day!


Looking out towards La Punta Roja:



The beach at La Punta Roja:


It was a bit windy that day too…


Looking down one of the barrancos that cover the island and determine where building happens:


I love these grasses that grow on the island:


Skies from the balcony!





D arrived on the 23rd with our friends and we had a wonderful week together. He was determined to get in the pool once. I had already been in once and knew how cold it was…


D’s birthday was on the 29th and I had arranged for him to have a cake. He announced in the morning he wanted to go to Los Gigantes for lunch, so I had to arrange for it to be brought out early!




After indulging in a gorgeous chocolate sponge and mousse cake (yum!), we drove to Los Gigantes:



We had a late lunch in an Austrian cafe on the harbour, and then mooched about looking at the boats and going into the shops. I was rather naughtily encouraging our friend D to buy what his wife calls ‘tat’ (He and I are the original friends but we and our respective spouses get on absolutely brilliantly. They were the perfect holiday partners as they like to do exactly what we like to do. 🙂 ) We also went into this fabulous jewellery shop on the harbour called Gitana, not a jewellers, but one that sells bead bracelets, necklaces and earrings. While I was looking for gifts for my Mum and sister, Damon bought me this gorgeous olivina and obsidian bracelet – how brilliant is he, buying me a present on his birthday?!


In the evening we went out to a little family run pizza restaurant. A chalked signboard says ‘We don’t do fast food, we make good food as fast as we can’ and it really is very good. D loves calzone and ended up with one bigger than his plate!


We had a very good week!


24 thoughts on “Tenerife 2015

    • it is good to be back and see everyone, even if it is coooold! I am feeling much better in myself – I don’t have the overwhelming tiredness. Now to increase my fitness and lose a bit of weight! I have committed to buying a bike in the spring (as long as I get a new job) and that should help. OH and I now know exactly where Maine is! I looked it up on a map – I didn’t realise how far north you were – but having also looked at the Visit Maine website, it looks like a truly gorgeous part of the world.


      • I am so glad you feel better – and if you do, you will naturally be more active and lose weight, I am sure. We got bikes a few years ago, and although we didn’t ride last summer, I really enjoy nice, easy flat rides. lol.

        Yes, we are far north, and yes, it is BEAUTIFUL here. I am glad you checked out Visit Maine – they cover most of the major things about the place. We live in Orland, which, if you look at the map, is near the head of Penobscot Bay (the huge bay that looks like a chunk of land got bitten out of the middle of the coastline. While we don’t have coastal property, we have water – ocean or bay or river everywhere we go, which I love. We are about an hour from Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park, and about 2.5 hours from Portland. Those are the things most people “from away” have heard of. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Nice easy flat rides is about it…. I’m the least sporty person I know. Literally.

        I must admit I’ve not heard of any of the places you mention but then you probably haven’t heard of any of the beautiful places where I live! I live in a town called Frome, we’re 15 miles south of Bath and sites tourists like to go near us are Longleat, Cheddar Gorge, Wells Cathedral and Glastonbury Abbey & Tour. As well as Bath of course. You probably have heard of Stonehenge?! It’s 20 miles away.

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      • I have heard of Wells (or at least, a place called Tunbridge Wells, is that the same?) and definitely Glastonbury. One thing you will notice when you get here is that all the old Brits who settled New England named everything the same (like, for instance, New England, Wells and Glastonbury!) Portland is our largest city, it is quite small in comparison to cities in the rest of the world, but it has a really vibrant foodie scene, and some nice shopping. My sister lives there, so I get to visit regularly. Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor are beautiful places, real tourist destinations for a reason. You won’t get to do much research on Maine before you start reading about them. I am excited that you are thinking of coming over someday – lots of things to see. What do you two like to do on a vacation?
        And how much are you allowed to bring home with you without paying lots of VAT?

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      • No, Tunbridge Wells is in Kent I think! Just Wells. D and I have just been on holiday with a former Mayor of Wells 😉
        I have wanted to re-visit New England for years (I went to Connecticut the year I was 13) but whereas previously I would have tried to do everything, I have learned over recent years that picking one area and seeing the beautiful parts of that area in depth is better. And you’re in Maine so it seems a good place to start! Plus I’m pretty sure Maine has no Civil War battle sites?! (D is a military buff and I am most definitely not and I don’t want to encourage him ;))
        We like to drive round and look at beautiful views, take short walks in beautiful areas, stay in nice but not posh hotels, visit towns, see historic sites and sites of natural beauty. I like to knit as much as possible and visit yarn stores. He likes anything historical or military. 🙂 I guess you’d describe it as mooching!
        What is the best time of year to visit Maine? We were planning a holiday to the U.S. in 2016, so hopefully we’ll be able to do it.


      • Sounds like my kind of vacation! No civil war things here, but Benedict Arnold did come through Maine on his way to Quebec during the Revolutionary War, before he became a nasty traitor 🙂 but I am sure we can scare up some historic things to keep D happy. There is a nice marine museum in a town near here, and plenty of old houses to look at. And you know we have some nice yarn stores! As for a good time to visit – Definitely summer! Actually, though, I like September, and things aren’t quite so crowded then. You might consider staying in the Camden area – that is near my Mom, not too far from us and is a very pretty town with a state park, some beautiful (and historic) sailing ships, and at leat three yarn stores in a 20 mile radius. 🙂 I can be your tour guide for as long as you can stand it. 🙂


      • I talked to D last night and he immediately got on his iPad and started researching. He loves planning holidays! Suddenly the air was full of connecting flights. I think he decided the best way was flying to Boston and hiring a car. What are the temperatures like in May? I don’t really do very hot. So, assuming I manage to get a new job and don’t use up my redundancy payment that way, we’re coming to Maine in 2016!
        Oh and………….! There is a Maine CIvil War TRAIL!


      • May can be nice – a bit cool some years and warm others, but usually quite nice. I do have to warn you that it can be very buggy that time of year, especially in the woods. We get these little beasts called black flies, as soon as it gets warm, for a few weeks. But I like that time of year because it isn’t hot. 🙂 A Civil War trail? I will have to look for it!


      • I am – I actually have two accounts. One for work, the other personal. If you search for my name, and come to one with my picture, that’s the work one. The one with a scenic photo for my picture is my personal one. Don’t forget that my real first name is Sarah… 🙂


  1. What lovely photos. A cheery sight for a cold winters day. Bet Mollie was happy to see you 😊

    Calzone is my favourite pizza but Ds birthday one looks like it could feed the entire population of Mudville 😁

    Good luck with the job hunting and I recommend the bike purchase if possible 😊

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    • Mollie was very happy.
      No, he scoffed the lot. He likes his grub my chap! He eats like a horse and doesn’t carry hardly any extra weight. In fact he frequently says thing like ‘I’ve lost a few pounds’.
      I definitely will in the spring (and when I’ve paid my poor dented credit card back for Ollie’s treatment!)


  2. Love your photos. You look incredibly happy and relaxed.
    If you get around to buying a bike, I’ve bought a couple of second hand(but nearly new) womens mountains bikes off the site ‘Preloved’. You’ll end up with more bike for your money. The better the bike, the lighter the bike, the easier to ride, the more likely you’ll use it.
    Impromptu jewelry buying????? Best keep hold of him.


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