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Hat Tuesday

When I got home from Tenerife I dug out the Woolly Wormhead hat I started knitting during her annual MKAL (the pattern is called Sophora) and had to give up because of reoccurrence of my knitting injury. I have been enjoying knitting it over the last few days and it has grown a number of inches:



I am currently out of my house staying at my Mum’s as asbestos floor tiles were removed from our kitchen yesterday (not impressive considering the house was built in 1987) and today the drying specialists were in creating dust. Which is utterly bizarre considering everything is so damp! However we do seem to be moving on with the insurance company and the sorting out process. D has taken complete charge of the project, which is great as I am still recovering and being back at work is enough for me! Because of this and also because I am asthmatic, D has banned me from being at home while the really dusty stuff is being done. It is fun being at Mums with Mollie (D is in charge of the bunnies). She’s well down her second sock, which I will photo when finished!

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