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Non matching yarn….

When I realised I had run out of yarn 8 rows from the end of Lucille, I immediately contacted Natali Stewart yarns, from whom I had purchased the skein at the Knitting & Stitching show in October. She was incredibly helpful, asking for photos and sending me in return photos of skeins she thought would be close. Sadly the colour ways are one-offs so I couldn’t get a match. She also offered to sell me half a skein (200metres) but I liked the two skeins she showed me so much and I was so grateful for her time and effort that that I bought both. They arrived earlier in the week and I’ve only just had a chance to photo them with Lucille. Sadly, as you can see neither really match.




So, I decided to simply cast off the shawl. I measured and had 7.5 metres. Being me I thought this was plenty…. WRONG…. I got to the middle spine! So, I wound my skeins into balls and cast off the second half of the shawl in the pinkier colour way. It looks fine this evening. The test will be tomorrow morning! If it looks terrible I might remove the cast off and knit the rest of the pattern in the gold Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal Sam gave me for my birthday, as it is similar to the gold colour in the silk. It would create a definite border which I was hoping to avoid, but as its either that or a cast off that may not work, I may not have a choice. The wool would also weight the shawl somewhat. Hmmm, decisions to be made tomorrow…..

7 thoughts on “Non matching yarn….

  1. I totally see what your frustrations are. I would feel exactly the same. It is a bit of a bother.
    If I may suggest: If you are not going to knit the rest of the pattern, and just cast off, maybe consider something totally different. Like casting off the stitches with a silk lurex glitter yarn, to give it a little sparkly border.
    I hope it works out for you, it is such a stunning shawl. 🙂


  2. The ultimate fear of all knitters: not enough yarn to complete the project. Can you frog back and work a more simple, smaller border? Or is there a place in the border pattern where you could logically stop and cast off? In other words foregoing an entire repeat.


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