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Reading not knitting?!

Yesterday I completely missed the opportunity for another in my Knitting on Trains series by reading the entire way to and back from Birmingham! And I lay awake reading last night! As you probably know, I am partial to an audio book to accompany my manic knitting, and I read at night, but it’s very rare to go an entire day without doing a single stitch! So what book had me in its thrall? At Christmas D bought me a Kindle. I had never previously wanted one as I used iBooks on my iPad when away and real books at home. However it has been a revelation and I went slightly mad early in the New Year downloading lots of books from their 99p specials and taking a chance on ones that sounded interesting. One of these was a detective story called ‘Maisie Dobbs’, by Jacqueline Winspear. I started reading it because it was set in 1930 and I’m a sucker for the improbable but fun Daisy Dalrymple books by Carola Dunn set in the 1920s. But goodness me they are two different kettles of fish. Where Daisy has been affected by a World War 1 and the character expresses sadness, ‘Maisie Dobbs’ is far grittier and explores the ongoing psychological response to the war, both from individuals and society, through a detective plot. The two subsequent books ‘Birds of a Feather’ and ‘Pardonable Lies’ do the same. There are apparently seven more, which I will be reading! During a time when we are all very conscious of the ongoing centenary of The Great War, it has been good to read something that attempts to capture the mood of the time. These books are not easy fluffy reads like the Carola Dunn books are, but they are absorbing and ‘must get to the end of’. I very much recommend them.

In more yarny news, my Natali Stewart yarn to finish Lucille turned up. She was so helpful but the result is not as I had hoped. More later.

5 thoughts on “Reading not knitting?!

  1. omg, we are twins separated at birth. I too, have been reading a lot lately.

    Have had Maisie Dobbs on my list for a while, I will move her up and see if the library has her. No kindle in my world yet. And I love audio books when I am driving to and from work. Haven’t tried them with knitting yet, I use mindless TV fro that – but another thing I can try – thanks for the brilliant idea!


  2. I always avoided the Maisie Dobbs books because I thought they were light fluff. Instead they sound like just the kind of thing I enjoy reading. Thanks for enlightening me.

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