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More middles

I overdid things last week. Jumping back into everything feet first probably wasn’t my most sensible move… Just going to work this week. No meetings or extra curricular activity.

After the Lucille stress last night I crocheted 20 teal coloured middles for my sister’s 40th birthday blanket and then tonight I did 20 pink ones.


That’s 8 out of 20 colours done; 12 more to go. Going to try and do a colour each night, meaning I should get the middles done by the end of February. Just doing it slowly it takes me maybe 90-120 minutes, half of that time being the invisible join and sewing the ends in!



As I cast Lucille off my 4mm Knit Pro circular last night, I am now intending to pick up the stitches for the Await shrug border with it! Onwards! I also turned my purple Countess Ablaze yarn (a present from D at Christmas) into gorgeous fat balls when I wound the Natali Stewart yarn:

How lush is that?! When my 4mm & 5mm DPNs arrive I am going to start my Prolix mitts! The Sophora hat has turned into my backpack knit, so I’m doing a few rows a day. I suspect I may well be wearing that next year rather than this!

Lots of projects and things to do! Yarn once again providing many reasons to be happy!

11 thoughts on “More middles

    • oh no I don’t! My Mum, niece and sister do – until last year I never found a plus-size pattern I like! I have two cushions in my sitting room and various accessories, including the perfect shawl (kidsilk haze stranded with Noro Sekku!) but only three hand knit garments and Mum made all of them!


      • Oh, that is dreadful! Have you found some patterns now? In my imagination you swan around in hats, gloves, scarves, tunics, jumpers, shrugs and various other colourful, tactile items of high fashion knocking the socks off everyone!


      • Haha hats, gloves, scarves yes. Knitted jumpers when it is freezing! You see I am quite round and very tall, so I don’t suit bunchy clothing, which knitwear can be. I don’t shy away from colour by any stretch of the imagination, but it tends to be in block or in accessories , and very specifically in winter colours – I don’t wear warm colours. I had my colours done once and luckily it coincided with what I like – cold orange, pink & red, turquoise, purple, lime green, aqua, teal, acid yellow, silver grey. My current favourite top is silver grey, which looks fantastic with whatever you put with it. Apart from leggings and a couple of smart work dresses I don’t wear black, my neutral is grey. Though you are right about tunics. I only ever wear knee length dresses or thigh length tunics. (Sometimes with a stetchy skirt, sometimes without) Never wear trousers! Well, maybe in the summer if its too hot for leggings! I’ve worked out what suits me and I stick with it!
        I think the truth is I am a process knitter – it’s the action that matters more than the outcome, so I do give a lot of stuff away. This year I do want to crochet myself a cardigan and a bag as well as the hat and mitts but I like to make things for other people as well!


      • I love the sound of all that – see I was right you are swanning around looking fab! Just not in a load of gorgeous knitwear. I was making a gorgeous crochet ‘Stevie Nicks Vest’ done in one huge circle – about halfway through I realised that being on the short side, for it to meet at my middle the circle would be so big I would have a wedding train rather than a vest ….. so sad!!


  1. Oh the colors are wonderful. The patience it takes to make all those middles. Can’t wait to see how they are all put together.


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