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Tonight I got out my new Laura Nelkin book, my new 4 & 5mm DPNs and the Countess Ablaze purple DK D gave me for Christmas.


I love the way the Knit Pro Karbonz needles feel to knit with!


The yarn is gorgeous! And before I knew what was happening I had knitted up to the increases for the hand!


Which I started before I forced myself to go to bed. I am going to wear these out on Saturday! I am determined!


14 thoughts on “Prolix…

    • The Karbonz come into their own in the smaller sizes – the 3mm and below. At that point, because they have a slightly greater weight than the KnitPro composite wood or bamboo needles then I prefer them infinitely. At this size, I imagine they are much of a muchness with the composite wood. They are nicer than my metal 5mm DPNs! I was drawn to the set because I’m into knitting on3mm at the moment as I have a lot of sock weight yarn that needs knitting up! (Have you noticed I have completely gone off crochet?!)

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  1. wow – those look great! Don’t you just love Laura Nelkin’s work now that you know about her? She does amazing things with intriguing stitches. I agree with Slipped Stitches – I might need that book. The heck with buying her patterns one at a time. I need the book.:-)

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