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Prolix – some thoughts

I finished the first glove last night. I like the slouchy arm part, which is a nice length (although I am concerned it will just make my arms look hefty rather than trendy) but as far as I am concerned, the hand part, from the wrist up, which is knitted on 5mm needles, is too baggy. I checked guage and measured my hand before I started, and I certainly have knitted the right size, so I think I am going to reknit it on 4mm needles to see if that feels a little more snug. I wonder also if I need to decrease a stitch. I also think I need to lose a bit of length on the hand and finish at ring level.





(I haven’t sewn the ends in as I knew I would be redoing the hand.)

My initial instinct was to chuck it in a corner and ignore it. That is still my instinct. I am mentally swearing as I write this. But D is so delighted that I have been knitting with the yarn he bought me for Christmas (his first foray into unsupervised yarn purchases) that I really can’t. I have to be grown up and redo them so they fit. Gah.

AND despite really carefully tugging the yarn to avoid the ladder effect on my DPNs, I have three very clear ladder effects on the hand… This is annoying and clearly my technique and not the pattern. So I have ordered two Addi 30cm long needles in 4mm and 5mm, which will avoid the ladder. So Prolix goes on hold until I can finish the first one and knit the second the same. In a grown up and non sweary way. Oh yes.

20 thoughts on “Prolix – some thoughts

  1. One trick to avoiding ladders is knitting one or two stitches beyond the gap area between dpns. Changing where the gaps occur eliminates ladders. The other way to avoid them and need to keep a certain amount of sts on each dpn is to knit 3 sts beyond the gap, then move them to the needle they should be on.


  2. I don’t think it makes your arm look hefty at all – but I do wonder if the pattern style means it will stretch and end up just plain baggy…………. The purple is just stunning! And such a plus that you have matching coloured fingernails πŸ™‚ And yes to making everything tighter and shorter πŸ™‚


  3. I would use fewer stitches for the hand by decreasing directly after the last garter ‘bump’ and stop a bit sooner. The colour’s lovely and they’ll look fabulous when they’re finished!


  4. I don’t think it looks baggy and wonder if it’s more that you personally prefer a snugger fit (I know I do) and, as such, the looser fit is clouding your vision (if that makes sense). Love the colour. Well done D for such a fabulous choice in his first unsupervised yarn buying.

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  5. Bummer! Love the matching polish! Have frogged my fingerless gloves 3 times I would of course advise to frog, frog, frog!
    In my sock knitting I found that any ‘ladders’ disappeared once I’d blocked, but now I move the position of my dpns about three stitches if I can and when I remember.
    Hark at me – offering my knitting tip to you!

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    • A good tip is a good tip! I hadn’t heard the move by three spaces before but I am totally going to do it from now on! I didn’t deliberately match the polish, but who doesn’t like to match. Going to redo them a bluey purple now, just because I can πŸ˜‰


  6. I was going to say what Lucie said – ladders often disappear in blocking.
    I also like a tighter fit, so would frog back to the wrist. But I like the bulky look of the arms – and of course it is all yarn, not you. any one can see that. πŸ™‚


  7. I find knitting with 5 DPNs instead of 4 eliminates most of the ladders, especially if you give the second stitch on each needle an extra tug. Love the colour! And I think you’re right, the hand needs to be a lot more snug, otherwise it will slip off your hands! πŸ™‚

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  8. I am so loving this color!! I remember thinking the arms were a little baggy when I knit mine, but the hands were alright? I did have to reknit the garter ridge and bind off with the smaller needle when I missed it in the instructions the first time around and it made a big difference! I will say that having the extra length and squish under my jacket on my forearms is cozy πŸ™‚

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  9. I agree with other commenters, much as it pains us to have to frog and redo the contrast of the loose fit of the top of the gloves would be enhanced by and snug fitting hand. Well done D for the colour choice, you can yarn shop for me anyday, purple is one of my favourite shades.


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