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You bloggers are great

I haven’t had a great day. Actually its been hell on wheels. But tonight when I got home I had loads of messages of encouragement, support and suggestions for how to deal with Prolix. Nothing huge, just nice stuff. And then I read your blogs and enjoyed those too. So thank you, because you were a beacon in a patch of murk.

RIght after my positive bloggy fix my godson came to visit. He is ADORABLE. Particularly the times when he kisses Mollie and when calls D ‘Diiimiiin’



He had to have his juice in a big boy mug like his godfather!

Mollie is snoozing and I am now going to knit a little more on my silk…


IMG_9864PS: I submitted my second job application today (good thing I actually completed it on Sunday!). Keep your fingers crossed I get an interview for one or both of them!

9 thoughts on “You bloggers are great

  1. Your godson is adorable, Mollie is the best, your husband is wonderful and you are extremely talented with yarn and needles. Dwell on the positive, it too often gets lost in the mix. The right work is out there for you, but you may have to wade through ones that aren’t right before you get the one that is.

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